Frugal and Fab: Forever 21 Jacket Worn 3 Ways

Don’t you love finding a designer look for less? I’m all about mixing the high and low.  For instance, I’ll wear my high-end designer purses with frugal but fab finds.  I’m no fashion snob.  I love vintage, I love discount retailers and I love stores like Zara, H&M and even Forever 21 that bring you looks for less.

I’m getting compliments left and right about this Balmain knockoff jacket that I found at Forever 21.  Everyone assumes its some famous designer and I’m always asked where i bought it.  With its quilted  black leather and silver chains you would think Karl Lagerfeld was all over this (maybe Balmain first copied Chanel?).  With a little research, I learned that the Balmain jacket pictured below (the obvious inspiration behind my F1 jacket) costs $10,770(choke).  Ehem, I only paid a mere 30some dollars.

Here I paired the F21 jacket with 2different dresses, and again with skinny pants and a tee.

Balmain knockoff quilted jacket – Forever 21, dress – Zara, purse – Chanel, studded shoes – Jlo

ruffle flower print spaghetti strap dress – Free People I think..bought it at TJ Maxx quilted Balmain knockoff jacket – Forever 21, black suede studded heels – JLo, black chain purse – Chanel

quilted Balmain knockoff jacket – Forever 21, tee shirt – Club Monaco, black pinstriped skinny pants – Zara, purse – Express

Which outfit is your favorite look?

Tell me how you would wear the jacket.  I love getting new outfit inspirations.

  1. Susan Yu says:

    hahahaha!!!! I got the same jacket from Forever 21:) I love it cuz you can mix and match!!

    1. fabgab says:

      Really? Oh my gosh, we are way too alike. So how do you wear it??

  2. Susan Yu says:

    I pair it up with jeans and wear my Burberry black patent thigh high boots I bought at Nordstrom Rack for $200…woohoo! If I want to dress it up I wear a simple white tank top and either a pencil skirt or a black mini skirt and boots!!!! I love this jacket!

    1. fabgab says:

      ooh sounds great – I would love to see you in it. You know I always think of you when I see thigh-highs!
      I still can’t get over the crazy coincidence that we went out and bought the same jacket haha; we are long lost sisters…

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