Fab Fetes: Pink Parties

With October being breast cancer awareness month, pink party planning is in full force!  Here are the pink themed events that I’ve been working on:

  • Anzie jewelry trunk show with personal appearance featuring pink jewels, pink champagne and bracelets that donate sales proceeds to cancer research
  • a pink-themed brunch for American Cancer Society volunteers
  • an evening cancer charity event with a personal appearance and trunk show with jewelry master, Tito Pedrini
  • 4days of Key to the Cure events

Here were some of my dessert table inspiration pictures to get me geared up for the month.

And I’m loving these pink ribbon dessert finds.  Lollipops. Cupcakes.  pink ribbon sprinkles and Oreo covered cookies. You’ve gotta love the pink fashionable goodies – they’re perfect for retail events!

For more on pink dessert tables see my previous post.

  1. Yvette says:

    Lovely ideas for this month’s events. Researching and editing sources of inspirations takes some time. Adding to that blog posts, and the actual execution of the events & projects for your job requires superb time management skills. Any tips about time management? Tools you use; shortcuts that work for you? Please share 🙂
    Thanks and have a wonderful day


    1. fabgab says:

      Hi Yvette,
      I’m glad you liked the entry! I like to think that time management and multi-tasking are my strengths. They certainly are necessary for this and many other jobs..tips? hmm
      I utilize Outlook a lot! I have all my meetings scheduled through it, daily reminders to myself on it and tons and tons of outlook folders to keep everything organized for easy future reference. I make sure all the emails I send have an updated subject header too so that I can later reference what I need from my inbox and file away in Outlook folders by project. I’m also a master at Excel and all the Microsoft office software. I’m constantly using keyboard shortcuts which surprisingly saves time. And, I type 75 words a minute. Lastly, I’m really passionate about all I do so I tend to obsess about all things work even when I’m off duty.

      What is it that you do? Does anything in my blog relate at all to your professional life?

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