Style Diary: Mink Fur Purse

I bought a mink fur purse at Marshall’s over the summer.  Yes mink at Marshall’s. And yes, I purchased something as inappropriate as mink this past summer.  I love fur!  I find it adds a touch of glamour to anything.  Besides, the soft brown mink was screaming to be petted.  It all started with an innocent pet.  Next thing you know, I have another purse to add to my collection.

The purse, designed by Paolo Masi is made in Italy and has the most beautiful construction and quality.  I’ve never heard of the designer and can’t seem to find the designer’s website for the life of me but not being much of a brand whore (ok maybe I’m a little whore-ish when it comes to Chanel), I truly didn’t care.

This past week, now that the weather has finally cooled down, I let my little mink out of the closet.  It reminded me and everyone else of  my other “puppy purse” which you can see in my earlier blog post about work wear.

You can see from the accordian pleated wrinkles on my skirt that I wore this outfit to work where I sit at my desk 70%of the day.    What’s hard to tell from the pictures are the 3-D sort of appliques that make the tweed skirt so unique.  Here, I’ve paired the skirt (an amazing Daffy’s find), with my new BCBG top with detachable bow also worn here.

The 2nd time I carried the mink purse, I wore it with this cream Anne Klein dress which I bought on sale at Lord & Taylor last year.  I winterized the dress by adding some textured tights and brown accessories such as the Gucci belt, tweed vintage-inspired heels and jewels.  That’s 3 necklaces, all layered into one look by the way!   I totally got inspired watching Gossip Girl the other day.  Though I’m more of a Blair Waldorf than I am Serena, much in the same way, I’m more Charlotte than any of the other SATC girls, I had a major fashion epiphany watching Serena.   She wore 3 somewhat clashing necklaces, all different lengths, all at once!  Literally, the next day, here I am layering my necklaces resulting in a myriad of in-store compliments and questions regarding my accessories.

Can you tell that I’m totally into the top knot hairdo these days?  Here, I’m wearing Paolo Masi’s fur purse with my H&M polka dotted dress and chain-link cardigan.  I can’t believe how hot polka dots are these days.  They were all over the fall runways.  I’m actually ready to giveaway this dress because I’ve styled it about 10 different ways and am getting a bit bored over it.  So if you want it, you can have it for just $10 plus shipping.  Just leave me a comment with an email to contact you at.  It’s a size small.


  1. Ms v says:

    Are you selling the mink purse

  2. Sarah J says:

    Beautiful purse

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