Style Diary: Weekend Wear

I’m afraid that the warm weather that I love is quickly slipping away.  So any warm weekend that I get during the early fall months, makes me want to wear something short and summery, just in case it’s my last hurrah.  This past weekend was no exception.  Sunday morning was bright and sunny and having just sold my bridal petticoat for more than I paid for it, I was in a terrific mood.

The tee shirt is from by Threads from Off 5th (I bought it for about $15 after my employee discount), the slim black cardigan is from H&M $19.99 and the skirt is a Daffy’s (discount retailer) purchase that I bought about 10 years ago also for about $20.  Phew, it still fits!  The flats with chain detail are BCBG ( I think I bought them at TJ Maxx a couple years ago) and the chain bracelet was an impulse buy at Ann Taylor Loft this past week. Sunglasses are Chanel from Saks.

My nails are extra fun this week.  I discovered thanks to a friend of mine and have been hooked ever since.  It’s like an online photo album where you can collect images that you love from all over the web and organize the photos that you already have from your own computer.  I recently started a manicure/pedicure collection of images that I’ve discovered while browsing pinterest that has inspired me to do something fun to my nails.Here’s the image that inspired me.Ever  have one of those “I can DO THIS!” motivational moments?  Well this picture inspired mine because I actually came home from fashion week last season with a ton of glittery nail polish.  Here is what I did to my nails Sunday night.

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend and that’s what my new at-home manicure reminds me of.  How do you like this?

I went a little crazy and got so inspired that I didn’t stop at my hands.  I went a little nuts on my feet too. This is the picture of patterned nails that inspired me.

And here are my toesies.  🙂 silly me.. I smudged my big toe but strangely, the smudge left a faint heart mark.

Damnit, why are my feet wrinkly?  Is it all the hours under the sun that I’ve logged, all the beach-walking in the Bahamas for my birthday, or the hours of foot massage that I’ve indulged in?  Aging sucks.

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