Style Diary: Cynthia Steffe Cardigan

I love my new Cynthia Steffe cardigan.  It’s cozy, warm and perfect for the winter.  It’s also the perfect throw on for the workplace because my office is so darn cold.  I actually have a snuggie-like blanket stuffed into my cabinet for those days when the air conditioner is blasting in the office.  But this Cynthia Steffe cardi is a much more fab option.

Here I am wearing it with my Forever 21 dress, Hello Kitty purse and necklace from Off 5th.

Today I wore the cardigan over my Saks Fifth Avenue women’s collection sheath dress with crystal necklace and Bruno Magli boots.

And before that I wore it with my Tibi dress, Ann Taylor coat and BCBG suede heels shown below.Lastly, you see it worn with a charcoal dress with the Gryphon coat that I’m selling (email me if you want it), bejeweled dress by Maggy London, flowered tights and Prada purse

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  1. Nice Blog!!

    Fab Prada purse 🙂

    1. fabgab says:


  2. ariana says:

    i love your fashion style! found the link to your blog on a comment left on a marie claire website. you’ve given me some great inspiration / ideas on what to wear. I have NO fashion sense whatsoever and am trying to find appropriate work attire. I have printed out some of these pics on this post and stuck them on my ‘inspiration board’ haha. i hope you don’t mind 🙂

    1. fabgab says:

      Oh wow! I’m so honored! And I’m thrilled to have been able to help inspire you and your daily work outfits. You can search my blog for style diary for more on this topic! I hope that you subscribe too if you haven’t’ already.

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