Happy New Year

Hi everyone!  How was your new year’s celebration? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves. How did you celebrate? 

Normally, in my younger years, I would have gone out to celebrate with all my friends at some hot NY nightclub and danced the night away in my newest dress.  The past couple of new years with my new hubby though have been so much more low key.  Instead of sipping champagne and rocking out to the latest tunes, last year for instance, we found ourselves sitting solemly with my parents at a Korean church back in my hometown.  We didn’t even know when new year’s had arrived since the pastor didn’t do a countdown or anything.  I considered suggesting he add it into his sermon but resisted.  As much as it was meaningful, it was a bit anti-climatic to say the least.  This year, we celebrated in Chicago.  We watched the fireworks from my brother’s amazing bachelor pad and I hugged my shih tzu as my new hubby and family stood beside me.

Teddy is my furbaby.  How I missed him!

Here we are roaming the park outside my brother’s place.More on what I WOULD have worn had we done a more typical new year’s eve celebration in my next post!


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