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disney side party

In collaboration with Mom Select, I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.”  us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com_2015-02-03_16-35-00

I was so excited and honored to have been selected by DISNEY to host a #DisneySide @home celebration and could not wait to receive the package filled with party decor, favors and games.  Given they required us to host the party and blog about it by the end of February, I stalked the MyUps.com site in suspense eagerly waiting my package.  With no information given concerning the contents, how many people we’d be getting supplies for, the color theme, or what princess would be highlighted, my Pinterest-filled imagination went wild in anticipation.  What a way to keep an event planner on edge, Disney!  All I had was their cryptic description stating that I’d get a preschool princess party theme.

I turned to the online FB community for updates but no one seemed to know when we’d exactly be receiving the package or what was inside.  We were all DYING!

All I knew was that I’d have to probably plan for a party of 6-10 princesses since that is all my NY apartment could manage.  I was already thinking of the long stroller line that would be parked outside my apartment…  And given my guests were all around Juliet’s 2-year old age, the activities had to be simplified, short, and easy.  I figured a “princess in training” theme would be perfect for our little ones and immediately went to work on creating an online invite.

I started by brainstorming princess-like words to incorporate such as: enchanted, magical, fancy, castle etc. and managed to come up with the following invitation through Punchbowl which offers free online customized invites in all sorts of Disney and princess themes.

www.punchbowl.com_2015-01-26_21-56-39 princess in training invite

princess in training party

I could just imagine (and started taking mental shot lists) of all the fun photos that would come from the mommy and me photo shoot and girls twirling in their ballgowns.  And I couldn’t wait to design the kids dining area now that my building agreed to let me borrow their 8′ long kids table and kids chairs.

So when it came down to the last week of January and I still hadn’t received a package, I thought I might burst.  So I used that pent-up energy to begin pitching potential party sponsors.  I was successful at garnering 7 sponsors for my Halloween (ticketed) NYC party and figured I’d give it a try even though this one was hosted at home.  Everyone wants to affiliate themselves with Disney and some adorable princesses after all!  Plus we’d have priceless (professional) pictures to share post-event thanks to my friend and talented photographer, Suzanne from Gotham Love.



Finally my package came in at the very end of January with just enough time to squeeze in some planning before my Feb 11th kickoff to fashion week date that I had pre-selected.  Here are some shots of the decor that I received.  It’s all Sophia the First themed!disney side princess party IMG_1622As you can see, there’s a pastel and also a more vibrant darker purple and pink colored theme.  I wasn’t about to mix them together as I am anal when it comes to colors having to match exactly.  I figured I could use the lighter colors at the kids table and use the darker items at the snack and sweet station.  I was happy because Sophia the First is a story all about a princess in training.  How perfect for my itty bitty girls who are just learning what a princess even is!

As soon as I received my package, out the invites went and instantly my head spinned with a million ideas on how to put this all together.  You can view my Pinterest board here.  Does anyone else have a Pinterest addiction?  I may need some serious intervention here.  I could pin all day if left to my own devices.

Several people have already posted videos which show off all the contents of this mystery Disney party box – you can check them out on MomTV so I won’t list them out here but in addition to the decor there are some fun favors for our guests that I can’t wait to giveaway.  I’m adding some items too with my sponsor donations and items on my end.  Perhaps most exciting is the prize package at our NY Fashion week kickoff princess party which goes to best dressed duo of course!

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates leading up to the party!  And continue reading for a princess themed blog giveaway to one lucky reader!

Thanks so much to the team over at Disney Parks and Mom Select for sending over such fun party kits!  And thanks for reading!






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