Jell-O Simply Good Launch and OOTD

Being a daughter of a blogger means you get invites to a ton of cool events and that your closets are filled with freebies from sponsors and goody bags past.  Juliet is getting addicted to this blogger life and asks to attend each event now.  Today we had several invites all packed into one day but decided that we’d take it easy and just attend the later ones.  We enjoyed a lazy morning snuggling in bed and ventured out for some coffee …that is until Juliet found these stairs.  Walking around with a toddler means lots of detours.  And hey we matched the bright orange steps so why not capture our outfits of the day, we, (I mean I) thought..

mommy and me matching outfits, twinning, minime

Wearing whites and brights on this 75 degree day was a warm way to welcome in fall.

minime, orange outfit

Juliet loved her ring pop treat which turned her tongue and mouth blue.

minifashionista, guess kids, cat and jack, kidbox

Here she is wearing a fuzzy white jacket that Guess Kids gave us (see more on our showroom shopping spree with them here).  I decorated it with our collection of buttons and it went so nicely with our Cat and Jack tutu, and the complimentary orange shirt that we received from Kidbox.

See what I mean?  Being a blogger kid ain’t so bad.

cat and jack, minifashionista, kidbox

To launch a new product line within the Jell-O family, Jell-O and The Moms Network treated us to a delightful sampling of all the flavors of Jell-O Simply Good (which included strawberry, mixed berry, orange-tangerine and pineapple-orange).

jello pudding, jello snacks, jello recipeJuliet was excited to be able to feast on the all-you-could-eat Jell-O.

jell-O pudding, jello pudding mix

The Moms event made it especially kid-friendly by encouraging creative Jell-O recipe-making by laying out an enticing assortment of toppings.  And they even offered complimentary recipe cards for the moms to try their Jell-O Simply Good mixes at home with their kids (courtesy of their head chef).


We were happy to learn that Jell-O Simply Good pudding mixes are made with real ingredients like banana, cocoa and vanilla bean and that the gelatin mixes are flavored with real fruit juices.

jello simply good event, jell-o simply god mixes

No artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives!  That makes eating chocolate pudding a little less guilt-inducing in my book!

jell-O simply good

Available nationwide, all flavors are now on shelves in the baking aisle of major retail stores at a suggested retail price of $1.59.  After having inhaled 3 whole cups herself, it was clear to see that Jell-O had a passionate 3.5 year old fan!





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  1. Adanna says:

    How cute is her skirt? I love it! The Jell-O event looks like so much fun for the little ones. My kids would of loved to attend but alas school.

  2. Linda says:

    Her outfits (and yours too) are precious!!

  3. J says:

    What a kid-friendly, cute event!

  4. Nichol Perez says:

    This was such a fun event. My kids and I enjoyed it so much. I even made jello pudding at home. It was nice seeing you and your daughter. Till next time!

    1. fabgab says:

      Hi Nichol,
      It was nice seeing YOU!

  5. Kerri says:

    It looks like you had such a great time! She is adorable!

    1. fabgab says:

      We did! She is still telling people about it haha and thanks!

  6. Sarah says:

    You two are such a cute pair! Jell-o makes everything more fun!

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