Museum of Ice Cream Pint Shop Pop – up in NYC

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream.  That’s pretty much what I did when I learned that the Museum of Ice Cream was returning to New York City with another pop-up called The Pint Shop.  Having missed their first appearance, I anxiously awaited this and knew from prior pictures that it would be a feast for the eyes (and mouth)!

Unlike the first Museum of Ice cream where it was a sold-out, ticketed popup which included ice-cream upon admission, this pop-up sold pints of ice cream (at just $4.99) and was free and open-to-the-public.

However, if you wanted to skip the free pop-up line AND experience a fancy, ice cream tasting (similar to how wine tasting is run but with vanilla ice cream and beakers full of flavors), that could be done for $28 a ticket.  We opted to do the free experience and waited about 30 minutes in line. (Best times to go are M-W before 3pm).

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And now that the word is out, I hear that lines for the free portion are easily an hour or more long…

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Re-inventing retail, they also sold, color-coded, trinkets in the cutest pop of colors. 

Think ice cream pendant necklaces, thermal water bottles, stationary and stuffed animals… all the things you might see in the Target dollar aisle but upgraded and color-coordinated to the ice cream cartons. bodega, ice cream, ice cream pop up, museum of ice cream, nyc pop up, ice cream truck

You know that feeling when you walk into a Target and pick up all these random things you never knew you needed til you saw them?  That’s how this will feel.

The rainbow aisles offered an endless array of Instagram photo opps!

You could even pose next to or drive a faux ice cream truck.

Tips for going with kids without having them melt down:

  1. Bring something to keep them occupied during lines.  Whether it be stickers, snacks or a fidget spinner, (I always have all of the above in my purse), know that your child may get antsy and come prepared.  There will be lines for each of the major photo opps along with the line to get in.
  2. As far as I could see there were no bathrooms so go before!
  3. There is no special stroller parking, so bring at your own risk.
  4. Bribe with ice cream if you have to 🙂 I find that the promise of a sweet treat at the end keeps most kids on their best behavior.

The Pint Shop is located at 459 W 14th Street (Meatpacking District of NYC) and it’s open Wednesday through Monday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m til the end of the summer! Get tickets for the tasting here!  The grocery and retail experience part of the pop up are free and no reservations are necessary.
SUBWAY – A, C, E and L at 8th Avenue / 14th Street or buses M14A, M14D, M 11 and M12.  There is limited street parking available by meter and several garages in the area.
See more video highlights from our experience on our Instagram highlights section!  And make sure to follow us there.  It’s where you can stay up to date on our fashionable adventures, events and outfits!

Click here to learn how to host your own ice cream social that will have your guests screaming with joy!

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    You know about the coolest stuff around town!

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    I’ve got to check this one out

  3. s says:

    These pics are too cute. And you are one fun mom!

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