Five Flowery Facades For Your Instagramable NYC Bucket – List

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Flowers cheer us up.  And they’re gorgeous when abundant, making for a dramatic backdrop.  Here, I reveal the most Instagramable NYC flowery facades.  You’ll want to flock on over for the free, photo-taking fun too!

  1. Sezane flower walls, instagramable nyc, nyc bucket list, instagram nyc I just adore this French shop’s facade with its black and white striped awning, and darling bike and bench.  It’s no wonder people travel from across the way just for this picture-taking opportunity!  My friend Hope and I did a very girly little photo shoot here, while browsing and borrowing fashions from the store.  All these pics were shot these just with our iphone..not bad, huh?  TIP – Make sure to head inside where you’ll find a flowery photo booth with flower crown props and all! flower crown, flowers nyc, flower sezane store
    254 Elizabeth St
  2. Hillhouse Home hillhouse linen, hillhouse home, hillhouse west villageThis West Village bedding shop wows with its white floral entrance.  Once you’re done with the photo, walk in for a one-on-one bedding heard that right!
    395 Bleecker St
  3. Max Bone flower wall, flower facades, instagram nyc, nyc bucket list, instagramable nyc, flower garland nycThis place which sells high-end doggie items also hosts doggie birthday parties and other pet-friendly events!  It sure caught our attention with its fabulous dog house, completely covered with pink flowers!  The window is lined too, making for a cute little photo opp.  21 Crosby St, 
  4. Ever After ever after shop, ever after store, ever after kids, kids nyc store, kids nyc fashions, nyc kids shoppingManhattan minifashionistas must visit this Tribeca store.  It has everything from the coolest kiddie wear, to accessories, shoes and toys.  The yellow bench will call your name.  Just remember to remind whoever is taking your photo to try not to crop out the flowers overhead! 349 Greenwich St
  5. Yumi Kim  flower walls, nyc instagramable spots, flower facades, flower trashThis dress designer has the prettiest trash the world has ever seen thanks to artist collab with Surface of Beauty.  It’s no wonder bloggers and Instagram-ers alike are overcoming germophobia to stand, sit and even pose with picnic props and all sometimes…oh the things Instagram-ers do for the ‘gram! 105 Stanton St (corner of Ludlow in the East Village)

Know of any other flower-y spots that you would add to this NYC bucket list for floral photos??  Tell me in the comments below!

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