Valentine’s Outfits For Every Kind Of Date

This year, Valentine’s day falls on a Friday! Do you have plans yet?  Well whatever your plans may be, I have some Valentine’s outfit inspiration for you along with shoppable links -but hurry because Valentine’s is just a week away!


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If you’re planning to go directly from work to celebrate, you’ll need a professional look for the day that can easily transition to the evening.  This is easy to do by starting with a classic shift dress or suit (extra points if you can find one in a Valentine’s pink or red!)

Valentine’s Day outfit, valentines outfit ideas, vday outfitThen change up the accessories.  Sensible shoes for the day to stilettos at night.  Tote bag for the day which hides a clutch for that night.  I paired this Calvin Klein baby pink sheath dress with a frilly trench coat, heels and a white enamel hairpin and necklace as my nod to Valentines.  It’s a work outfit that is special enough to go from cubicle to cocktails!


If your date has fancy plans up his sleeves and you’re expected to dress to the nines, make sure to wow him in a sexy stunner like this deep V-neck dress.  It’s sexy yet sophisticated and definitely a jaw-dropper.  It’s not your everyday dress.  And that’s what you’ll want for an occasion like this.  Make yourself memorable!



If you’re planning an outing with the girls, make it sweet and girly.  I love this baby blue maxi dress for its sheen and puff sleeves (a trend I’m absolutely obsessed with)!  Make sure to pair it with heels to avoid looking too prairie like and give it more of a high-fashion edge.  This dress from Other Stories has unfortunately sold out but below are inspired items in pink that I recommend for Valentines that you can still shop.

Below are some beautiful floral dress options!

If the best Valentine’s celebration to you is staying in and staying comfy, here are some Valentines sweaters and comfy pants that will make sure your night is both comfy AND cute!


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5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day With Kids

Valentines is such a sweet holiday to celebrate.  We love showing our fondess for friends and family members and we love pink and fuschia so we celebrate in a big way all month long! See here for past Valentine’s parties and treat ideas. This year, we are making 1 new Valentine’s food/dessert each week leading up to Valentine’s for the entire month!  And we are hosting a series of playdates and parties to keep the celebration going!  How are you planning to celebrate this special holiday?  In case you needed ideas, I put together this list of 5 simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids.

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  1. Deck the walls!  With easily, removable stick-on decals like these black hearts, you can easily transform any space into a photo-shoot worthy wall (and then use them again and again)!  Thanks Wall Decor Plus More! I also added banners to the mirror – the heart one was from the Target dollar bin, the pink flags were from a Michaels sale years ago and the other one is a random ribbon I had.  I find that hanging and displaying things in odd numbers like the 3 garlands here, makes for the best presentation. I learned that from a home makeover show on TV.  So it must be right, Right?  kids' valentine's party, be mine, wall decor plus more, wall decals, heart decals, valentine's day decorConcentrate on making one wall a focal point and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy backdrop in no time!
  2. Make your sweetheart a Valentine’s ice cream sandwich!  Take any ice cream sandwich, cut a heart out while frozen, and add pink/red sprinkles to the ice cream sides! (This is easy for kids to do by rotating the ice cream sandwich in a ziploc bag full of sprinkles). Or your child might want to decorate his/her ice cream sandwich by drawing a heart on top with frosting and adding Valentines candies to the side.  
  3. Make your own Valentine’s cards for your classmates without dolling out more candy.  Try this easy to create, goldfish cracker Valentine which reads, “Dear Valentine, I’m so glad we’re in the same school.”  And you’ll be a hit with the kids AND parents!  All you need is this printable, a clear baggy (without ziploc seal), and cute washi tape.  Print and cut printable, insert into baggy along with goldfish and tape up!  Kids can sign the bottom and will love being able to craft their own valentines with their own little hands. diy valentines, non candy valentines, valentines day cards
  4. Enjoy an UN-romantic mommy and me meal in a pink restaurant!  In NYC, I highly recommend checking out this darling, tiny restaurant so pretty in pink it will have YOU blushing!  Pietro Nolita (click through for full review and all the pics)  Extra points to you if you show up dressed in pink like our little divas did!pink restaurant, pink restaurant nyc
  5. Play Dress Up!  It’s far too often that moms are behind the camera shooting the kids and not with them in the picture.  Use the holidays as a reminder to track your child’s growth next to you by taking yearly Valentine’s picture with your most favorite Valentine!  Have the little ones choose the color theme.  Pink?  Fuschia? Red this year?  What will it be?  And have fun playing a little dress up together! Click here for more mommy and me Valentine’s outfit inspiration!valentines day outfits, fashion kids, minifashionista, minime

Want MORE ideas?  I’m glad you asked!  Click here for a homemade, heart-shaped, pop tart recipe,  here for 5 steps to planning a Galentine’s party for the little girls, here for a Wild Valentine’s party for toddlers, and here for 6 tips on hosting a Valentine’s pancake and pajama playdate!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please leave a comment on which idea you liked best.  Will you be trying any of these this year?

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