5 Best Beauty Buys from 2020

Wow what a year! 2020 will go down as one of the most stress-ridden, anxiety-triggering, let down years of them all. As it comes to a close, and as the holidays approach us let’s all think of the women in our lives who helped us survive it all! Whether that’s a close girlfriend who talked you off the ledge, or a female caregiver who helped with the burden of childcare, or the nurse who helped your family member, they deserve a treat. And so do YOU! You made it through triumphantly and you’re still here to live to tell about it! Don’t listen to those who wrongly miscategorize sleep, and a simple shower as moments of self care. What are they gonna do next? Say you treated yourself cuz you sat down for dinner? NO. You need (and deserve) everything off this list. And so does that female on your “nice” list

Spa Sciences (Beauty tools). Facials can get pricey. Did you know though that now there are new tools to help you DIY the experience and get the same benefits at home? Spa sciences has come out with a couple new tools that I suggest everyone add to their bathroom cabinets for an invigorating exfoliation and cleanse! I use the MIO for pore extraction and resurfacing at least once a month and the NOVA Sonic cleansing system daily. Together they’ll run you just $70 the cost of one facial and these will give you weekly ones for the rest of your life without the commute.

MySmile (teeth whitener)– did you survive lockdown with coffee and wine too? If so, now’s the time to repair the teeth staining. This at home whitening kit is a fraction of the cost that you would have spent at the dentist’s office. And who wants to take off their mask at an office and have a dentist all up in their mouth right now anyways? With super easy to follow instructions, you’ll have whiter, brighter teeth.  And it’s so easy! Try it! I did (while watching the Bachelorette reality series lol)


Kiel’s -get the latest in skincare from Kiel’s and it will come pre-packaged in the perfect holiday presentation. I have been loving the line reducing vitamin c serum, midnight recovery concentrate, and vitamin c (multi-corrective cream). Their powerful potions are highly effective and popular with both sexes actually.  And the boxed sets range in price from. $25-$100 to fit every budget.  Plus how cute are these??

Tarte Cosmetics-having learned about the clean, cruelty free, non-toxic movement, I’m super appreciative of this free from harsh chemicals- makeup line. And I’m so happy to have been able to partner with them and try almost everything out! Their high-performance natural products have great pigment in their colors and I’m addicted to their foundation and eye colors. My daughter often likes to try my makeup on herself and this line feels much safer for a baby’s skin than others. Plus they have the cutest packaging which makes gifting easy!  Click here to shop their Gift quiz which will lead you to the perfect gift!

Dyson air wrap– are you still using the old hair dryer and irons that damage your hair? Time to get updated because Dyson has come out with a revolutionary all-in-one device that protects, shines, curls, straightens, dries and tames your tresses. AND they managed to make it look uber cool! Impress someone with this technology. You can rest assured that this is something they probably don’t have yet and you can be sure that one size fits all!!  Click here to shop the complete styler set.

With Christmas just 11 days away which of these items will make your last minute shopping list?  Happy holidays everyone!  Click here for a funny, corona virus inspired gift guide for kids!

Full disclosure, I have been gifted items to review and consider including in this round-up.  Not all items made it to the list.  All opinions are 100% mine.

A Reminder to Protect Your Skin With Lubriderm


Your Skin’s 1st Barrier


Protecting ourselves from the winter cold is on everyone’s minds these days.  And though we are quick to grab those warm winter accessories like scarves, earmuffs and gloves, we too often forget to add an important 1st-step barrier for our skin – LOTION.  I’ve been guilty of not moisturizing as a busy mom.  I used to religiously apply lotion post shower but after becoming a mom, I was just happy to get a shower in my busy schedule much less make time for any skincare routine!  So it was a nice reminder at the MomTrends blogger breakfast to use Lubriderm as the first layer of defense against the harsh, drying winter.  The new, Advanced Therapy lotion moisturizes skin for 24 hours so really, all I need to do is remember to stop and apply once a day.  I can do that!

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It’s clinically shown to provide relief for extra dry skin.  They challenge you to try it for more resilient skin in just one week!  I tried it and can attest to how immediate the effects are!  My skin looked glowy and healthier.   It was age-defying and in my 40s, looking younger is becoming a priority!   

My husband will love this too because it is fast absorbing and you really just need to apply once for it to last all day!

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Blogger Brunch

We all enjoyed a fabulous spread care of Serra by Birreria (on the rooftop of Eataly Flatiron).

We met the wonderful chef, and all got to know each other discussing what we were all busy doing this winter season.

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And going along with the layering theme of the day, we took turns testing out our crafting skills and layered sand with pinecones, crystals and plants to create a DIY terrarium.

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It was SUCH a memorable and lovely way to bond with fellow NYC bloggers, learn about Lubriderm’s latest product, and delight in a cozy atmosphere!

Thank you so much, MomTrends for hosting and organizing this wonderful event with Lubriderm!

And thank you to Serra by Birreria for hosting us at their fabulous 5th Avenue location!

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Click here for a Lubriderm coupon. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Lotion is available at Walmart for $6.97.

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This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.
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