How To Style A Tweed Blazer 4 Ways

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I’m obsessed with the nubby, flecked fabric known as tweed.  It is so chic, so Chanel.  And contrary to popular view, the tweed blazer or jacket doesn’t have to be formal, doesn’t have to be stuffy and doesn’t even have to be saved for winter. When a tweed suit is worn broken apart into separates, the tweed blazer instantly becomes a casual, cool layering piece – easily used during warmer months.  So think outside the traditional 2 piece suit set and take that tweed out of hiding.  Here are 4 ways to style a tweed blazer:

  1. Pair it with jean shorts
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    Pairing a tweed jacket with denim instantly adds a cool, younger tone.  It freshens up the whole look, don’t you think?  Pictured here for NYFW, I wore a sleeveless tie blouse under the tweed jacket from Express and kept it light and breezy with a pair of denim white cut offs and edgier wedges. Can you believe one shopper at Saks fell in love with my tweed so badly that she offered to exchange it for the Chanel jacket off her back?  Little did she know that my tweed top was by Express and found on a clearance rack for just $20.
  2. Wear the tweed blazer over a dress in a different fabric.
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    This Zara fringed tweed blazer looks great matched up with a floral patterned dress.  The light, flowy ruffles add a nice contrast to the structured top.  And the pattern mixing works well because of the size contrast in pattern and the coordinated color scheme.  Think about the dresses from your wardrobe and what you could layer with the blazers in your closet.  It’ll add some variety to the usual leather jacket or cardigan topper.
  3. Keep it casual with a jean skirt. This rainbow flecked tweed blazer was an amazing clearance find at H&M for just $4.  Who could resist that?  Here I paired it with a dramatic ruffled sleeveless top and basic jean skirt.  Again, adding some denim to the mix lessens the formality and stiffness associated with tweed.  It gives it a fresh new look!
    how to style a tweed blazer, chanel inspired fashion, how to wear tweed in warmer months, tweed in the summer
  4. And finally, who doesn’t love jeans paired with a tweed blazer?  Just add a sleeveless top or light tee underneath, and you’ve got a chic classic girl about town look!


What do you think? Would you wear tweed during the warmer seasons?  Right now is a perfect time to try these styles out with this transitional weather.  What look is your favorite?

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Juliet’s Style Diary: 1 Skirt 5 Ways

I love challenging myself to never wear an outfit the same way twice.  I like to mix it up and shop my closet for new looks all the time.  That way I never get too bored of what I have.  The same goes for my daughter’s closet, which similar to mine is a mix of high and low brands.  This post revolves around 1 skirt that I bought from Target (on sale).  It’s still a bit big around the waist so I think we’ll get 4 seasons of use out of this one (an amazing feat as any mom of a growing toddler knows!)


She first wore it during my Haute Halloween party where kids dressed up as their fashion icon.  Juliet dressed as Anna Wintour.

IMG_1820Here I paired it with a cardigan from Zara and shoes from Old Navy that you can see here.  Click here for more outfit details and ideas on how to costume your child as Karl Lagerfeld or Andre Leon Talley!


Here, she is wearing a tee from The Children’s Place that I bought for $5, a Catimini reversible fur vest from Century 21, and gifted glitter shoes.  The glitter crown comes in 4 colors and can be bought on my Fab Kids Facebook site.


She attended Kids Fashion Week in NY wearing this Target outfit (blazer, skirt, purse).  The tights are from Catimini bought on sale at Century 21, the tie was found at The Children’s Place on clearance, and the Elsy designer blouse is from Century 21.  The sneakers were from a hand me down shop called Once Upon a Time and bought on sale for just $3.

baby style

The same tights, blouse, tie, skirt combo is shown here again for her nerdy school outfit.  I topped it off this time with a cool leather jacket from Target.    2015-04-27  And lastly, today she wore the tights, and skirt with a Catimini shirt (bought at Century 21), and wore it with my bandana and a vintage purse I bought on an Etsy sale.  The sandals which she is quickly outgrowing are from Gymboree.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns as long as the’re in the same color family!


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