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There’s something so darling about seeing kids in grown-up outfits.  Think little boys in suits and bowties or little girls in fancy dresses and hats for instance.  So when I see little girl’s outfit that reminds me of something I’d die to wear, it takes all the willpower in me not to nab it for little Juliet especially when it looks like Coco Chanel could have designed it herself!  Through the years, I have developed a special eye for spotting these Chanel-inspired outfits for my minifashionista and here, I will break down the 5 iconic Chanel elements to look out for to have your minifashionista lookin’ oh so chic!

  1. Quiltingchanel pop up, chanel store, chanel girl, chanel baby, baby chanel, chanel doll, coco chanel, coco chanel doll, girls chanel

    Quilting is pretty much synonymous with the brand.  The pictured outfits were bought through my Chinese wholesaler contacts and I love how they gave Juliet a classic, comfortable and elegant little look.

  2. Tweed / boucle’chanel fashion, chanel style, coco chanel, chanel for kids, kids chanel, chanel kids, baby chanel, chanel for baby, chanel kids fashion

    Look out for that nubby fabric, preferably paired with another Chanel element such as the camelia pin, or pearls as shown here.  I’ve had success finding these sorts of looks everywhere from brands like Janie and Jack, to Mayoral, Zara and Little Sara.

  3. Black and whitechanel looks, chanel fashion, chanel for kids, kids chanel, baby chanel

    Black and white is a timelessly chic combo that I’ve always loved.   It is classic to Chanel too.  Inspired by the austere black and white surroundings where Coco grew up, she used this mix of colors so much that it became “her” look.  It’s a sophisticated look for girls and with the right details (add any of the other components such as quilting or suiting for instance), and you’ve got a classic Coco look!

  4. Suiting Detailschanel purse, chanel suit, chanel style, chanel icons, chanel looks, karl lagerfeld for kids

    Coco Chanel was famous for translating menswear suiting details towards womenswear.  Think contrast trim pocket details, 2 piece skirt suits, bow add-ons..check out these adorable examples above.

  5. CC  chanel baby, chanel kids, minifashionista, chanel pop up, chanel store

    The interlocking CCs are recognizable worldwide and for kids, are found in unique, fashion-forward boutiques like Cool Kids Bklyn.

Stay tuned and follow my Insta-stories where I’m revealing all the behind-the-scenes party planning and birthday celebrations for Juliet’s CC no. 5 birthday!  I’m title-ing it her Cute and Classy no. 5!!  And share this with a fashion – lover with a click of the social media buttons below!  Let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below.


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  1. Natasha says:

    First of all these are amazing outfits! I cannot imagine having a Chanel inspired wardrobe at this age… ❤️

  2. lisa says:

    I love the first white and black quilted outfit where she matches the doll! ha!

  3. tammy says:

    OMG how amazing! I’m gonna tell my friend.

  4. t says:

    haha she is simply the cutest!

  5. becky says:

    Can you please dress ME?!

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