Who’s That Girl Launch With Sailor Brinkley

Who’s That Girl which is a fun, girly, beauty brand offering glammed up hair, nail and skin treatments recently invited us to their launch party at Dry Bar!  And Juliet got to be one of the influencers to try out their glitter hair effects and meet Sailor Brinkley (yes, Christie Brinkley’s daughter) while doing so!  How fun, right??!

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Above is our before pic.  Yes, we love matching!  See more mommy and me matching looks here!  

Normally, I only have time to brush her hair and pop a headband in.  So getting to choose a custom hairstyle and get glittered up was SUCH a special treat!  Thank you, Dry Bar and Who’s That Girl!!

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This glitter tool was super easy to use!  It was just like using nail polish except for your HAIR!!  Can you believe they had green (in addition to silver) glitter) to perfectly match Juliet’s outfit of the day??  Don’t worry, moms it easily washes off too! Check out all their great products below!

who's that girl beauty, who's that girl hair, who's that girl nails, tween beauty

We are saving the hair chalk, tattoos, and hair glitter for our upcoming Disney cruise trip where Juliet will surely be dressing in princess costume every night!  Below are pics of Juliet fully done up.  What girl can resist glitter??

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Sailor was such a sweetheart.  She got down on her knees to connect with each and every minifashionista and seemed genuinely thrilled to meet them all.  Of course, we were thrilled to meet HER!  And how gorgeous is she??

Uh-huh…like mommy like daughter!

At home, we HAD to try the incredibly cute, “selfie masks” created that transform you into an animal.

During our recent playdate, the girls turned themselves into pandas and had a ridiculously adorable time playing with their stuffed panda while waiting for the mask to take effect.

who's that girl face mask, face masks, face mask, selfie mask

If all this looks fun to you too, you can click to buy!  Tell me in the comments, which product your favorite is!!  Thank you to Who’s That Girl, Sailor and The Dry Bar for hosting us!

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Photos were a mix of mine and Michael Simon from startraksphoto.com

We were given product and this complimentary experience in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

  1. Katie says:

    Oh wow! how stinkin’ cute!! And Iove love those masks! I never knew you could get animal faced ones to use at home! I need them!

    1. They’re so fun aren’t they??

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