7 Of The Best NYC Rainbow Street Art Spots of 2020

If you know me, you know I love street art! The splash of unexpected color on city streets brightens my day and I love spotting unique art all around the city.  I summarized heart art in my blog post here on where to get your Valentine’s themed street art pics.  And with June being pride month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite NYC rainbow and love street art around Manhattan!  I’ve made sure to only include spots that I’ve visited recently so that you can be assured the art is both actually there and not ruined by the protesters grafitti-ing our beloved streets.

Juliet and I love spotting rainbows!!  And we thought you’d enjoy chasing rainbows too!  It makes for a fun lockdown summer activity to explore the streets of NY while on the hunt for cool street art. Enjoy and let me know what your favorites are!


1). Louis Vuitton at 57th st. and 5th Ave

2).  Flagship store 609 5th Ave.


3.   I Choose Love by Hektad at 121 Mott Street at Hester Street

4.  Be Mine by Jason Naylor 149 Hester (and Bowery)

Lower East Side/ East Village:

5.  Juicy Lucy Juice at 85 Avenue A

6.  99 Suffolk St. Hearts


Union Square:

7. Look up Jason Naylor nyc for more incredible rainbow colored art like Live Life Colorfully by Jason Naylor at 6th Ave and 16th st. (I’m just not sure what hasn’t been ruined during the protests and am only including art I’ve visited this past week).  Here is his collab with Coach in Soho.

If you are looking for more heart rainbow art – check out JGoldCrown.  I didn’t add his various heart mural walls here because I haven’t been there since the protests.  And I’m not sure what is still in good condition around the city…

But you can click through my prior Valentine’s themed post which summarizes all the best heart art around the city as a starting point for more nyc rainbow street art!!


I’d love to hear what your favorites were from this list and have you share additional finds from your adventures around the city! Please leave a comment below and make sure to follow me on instagram for daily inspo and fab finds!


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