Throw a Last Minute Galentines Party!

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Valentine’s has never been so fun for me until I became a mom and then suddenly it became the cutest occasion to embrace all things pink and red, decorate and dress up, make heart shaped EVERYTHING and host a ton of themed playdates and parties.  I now freakin’ LOVE Valentines.  And my daughter does too.  If you’ve been following our Instagram stories, you know, we’ve been celebrating with weekly activities, new crafts and recipes all month!  With Galentines coming up February 13th, we wanted to throw an early Galentines party to inspire you and show you how you can throw a last minute one too.   Thanks to Joseph Stella Studio for collaborating with us on all the event photography so we could share with you all the lovely details!

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On the menu were heart-shaped sandwiches for the kids, a charcuterie cheese platter for the adults, and lots of tasty nibbles for the littles to snack on.

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The girls enjoyed clinking their fancy teacups for a collective cheers and giggled the whole day through.

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The moms enjoyed their drinks too!  Champagne glasses were made to feel special by dipping the rim in honey and dipping into sprinkles.  Add a rasberry, place on or near a letterboard with a cute Valentine’s message and cheers!

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Do you like the crowns I crafted by simply adding a cut out heart to ready-made crowns I re-purposed from another party?  Easy peasy, matchy matchy party decor!
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Other party decor included garlands from the Target dollar bin and leftover striped ribbon I already had.

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Thanks to Wall Decor Plus More who sent us these sponsored black heart decals!  They are so cute, aren’t they?  They immediately transformed my living room from its everyday look into a festive venue for our galentines party!  And the girls loved it!

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Every Galentines party needs a great photo backdrop.  This served as the perfect spot!  You can create one too by simply focusing on decorating and styling one wall.  Make it feel special with garlands, photo props, balloons, coordinated fabric, decals or whatever you happen to have at home to go with your party theme.  We draped matching fabric over our makeshift backdrop and added some pom pom garlands for yet another photo opp.  See below for inspiration.

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Bonus points if you can get your guests to come dressed in your party’s color theme!  Look how cute these minifashionistas were!!  We didn’t look so bad ourselves either.  The mommies enjoyed coordinating too!

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That’s it!  I hope you make time to celebrate the everyday, and I hope this post inspired you to somehow show your girlfriends how much you love them this Galentines!

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For more galentines party inspiration with a pink and gold theme, click here!

How to host an animal-themed Wild Valentines here.

Doll Themed parTEA (part 2) Tablescape and Food

kids party decor, kids party ideas, girls birthday ideas, 7th birthday, barbie birthday, how to decorate a girl's birthday partyFor the doll – themed parTEA details (part1) that reviewed the general vision and all the party activities, click here.  This post concentrates on all the table decor, food and beverage from my daughter’s 7th birthday.  Thanks for reading!
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A feast for the eyes is just as important as a feast for the stomach for special occasions like birthdays.  And for me, designing the tablescape is the MOST fun task.  I love the challenge of presenting an eye-catching display that sets the celebratory tone, brings to mind the theme and excites everyone.birthday party decor, tablescapes for kids, kids' party decor, girls' birthday party, girl birthday

Thanks to Table Vogue, we had the prettiest Tiffany blue, tailored linens which provided the pop of color that the all-white venue needed.  It also happened to be one of Juliet’s and my favorite colors. Wasn’t it a gorgeous backdrop to all the Meri Meri tableware that I found on sale?

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If you look closely, you’ll see that we chose it for the doll-like print and coordinating colored, heart plates (it was a galentine’s parTEA after all).  And YES plates don’t have to be just for the table! They can be wall decor too; see how I taped to the heart plates to the curtains behind the birthday girl’s throne.

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See Table Vogue for beautiful linens of all sizes, colors and patterns!  Using an upscale linen instead of the plastic ones normally reserved for kids’ parties really elevates the scene!  And I can’t thank Table Vogue enough for being such a special partner for this event

The throne, curtain structure, and bow seats were generously loaned to us by Petite Seats who has THE cutest selection of kiddie rental chairs and tables.  I seriously have never seen a better collection of kiddie chairs on the market and I’m an event planner!!  I’m so thankful that they are nearby and can serve the greater NY area.  We are so lucky to live here with the best selection in everything.  Just check out this throne and those bow seats!!

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Notice that for this tea party, centerpieces included tea cups filled with flowers?  Teapots filled with flowers would make another excellent option too!


Here for the food and cake?  Don’t worry, I got you.  At this galentine’s parTEA, I presented heart-shaped, kid-friendly sandwiches on classic, floral, tiered plates.  The Royal Albert brand featured at our party, felt the most feminine and fancy – you can shop my favorite Royal Albert floral tiered stands at the end of this post.  They’re so beautiful that I know we will be re-using them for years to come.  In fact, I’m planning to bring them out next for mother’s day!

american girl doll party, tea party sandwiches, american girl dolls, american girl doll birthday party, barbie party, best 7th birthday partySandwiches were shaped with heart cookie-cutters, and dressed with garnish, baby’s breath and matching Meri Meri doll toppers.   How cute are THEY???  It’s all about the details!

american girl doll party, american girl dolls, american girl doll birthday party, barbie party, best 7th birthday partyMenu included kid-favorites like: PB&J, nutella and banana, fig jam and strawberry, and ham and cheese sandwiches along with macarons, mini-cupcakes and lots of on-the-go snacks!

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Lemonade and fizzy flavored water were hits too!

doll themed party, american girl doll party, doll party ideas, afternoon tea for kids, tea party for girls, barbie party, barbie birthday, american girl birthday partyWith a kid-centric party, the menu should stay simple.  But you can elevate the look and feel by incorporating elegant details and that’s exactly what I tried to do.  Click here to purchase the expensive-looking, but plastic, gold-beaded chargers!

And as they say a party without a cake is just a meeting. best birthday party, 7th birthday party ideas, doll themed party, barbie party, lol doll party, mini melanie cake It was important to us that we partner with the right cake master for this all-important party element.  And we were so lucky because Mini Melanie, the Chopped reality TV winner from the Food Network, made THE most delicious cake with an ombre pink buttercream exterior.  I wanted something simple because I had all these cake toppers to add.

She delighted and surprised all the guests with the rainbow layered interior.  So beautiful and soooo soo good!barbie party, american girl doll party, mini melanie cake, event planner tips, petite seats

I just love how all the party pics turned out.  Thank you, Andrea Kay Images for the photographs.  We’ll treasure them for years to come!  For more secrets on stylishly designing a kids’ table, see my prior post from Juliet’s 3rd birthday party here.

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