Travel: Parasol Parade in Thailand


This photo reminded me of the parasol parade that I witnessed during my trip to Thailand and so I wanted to share some travel photos from last month.

In Chiang Mai, we were lucky enough to watch strolling beauty pageant contestants march in the Parasol parade.

The updos were so pretty.  here are some close-ups!

Here is a shot of the parade walkers.

And here are some of the pageant contestants biking by!

The whole neighborhood was a feast for the eyes.

Don’t you just love the color explosion?

I was estatic to be surrounded by so much color and creativity.  Everywhere I looked, I found so many exotic, interesting finds.

I was so tempted to bring back a custom-painted parasol when I saw this catalog of images.  But really, when would I ever use it in NYC?

What would you have had painted?



Style Diary: Thailand Scarves

The scarf trend has stuck around for quite some time now (and it continues at least through Fall 2012 as far as I can see from NY fashion week).  So I had every reason to shop around while in Thailand recently where silks were everywhere and one of their biggest exports.As if I really needed a reason to shop for souvenirs, right?

Here were a few of my picks all worn differently.

To further inspire you here are some great images of how to wear YOUR scarf different ways!

For more scarf inspiration, click here!




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