The Latest and Greatest Travel Products You Need But Probably Don’t Already Have

11 of The Best Travel Products You’ll Need To Get in 2024

Traveling to new places is fun but sometimes the getting there is challenging. After traveling to 28 countries and countless U.S. cities with our now 10 year old daughter we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make travel more comfortable and packing more space efficient.  And after trying and testing out all the latest travel gadgets and sometimes useless travel products out there nowadays, I can confidently share with you only the best that have made it past the rugged travels, the test of time and comparison shopping. And I’m not talking about my favorite little candle, scarf or blanket here.  I’m talking about the latest advances, upgrades and inventions that you probably don’t already have! Here are the fab finds that should be on YOUR travel shopping list for 2024.

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1).  Rydir wraps 

Don’t you hate when you’re taking a turn with your rolling suitcase and the bag you had on top falls over spilling all its contents?  To prevent this, and to prevent the clumsiness of having to carry all the extra things you want to carry onto your plane (but that won’t fit into your carryon suitcase), you might think buying that clip, the cup holder, or baggage straps are a good idea.  But those only specialize in holding one thing.  The Rydir wrap will hold it ALL and more.  travel hacks, travel products, best travel productsIt holds weirdly shaped items like the Vietnamese cone-shaped hat I bought while traveling Vietnam (pictured above for instance).  And it will keep your hands free of having to carry the blanket,  the neck pillow, and the water bottle at the airport.  It’s such a simple invention with its stretchy tube top-like design. But it brilliantly holds so much while also packing away into a weightless, bundle when you don’t need it.  AND did you realize, it doubles as cover for your precious designer bags?  I always found it so cringy that you end up having to stowe away your bag under the seat.  This will protect your purse.  Simply wash the Rydir afterwards.  

2).  Universal power adaptor

Back in the day, you might have had to purchase and collect separate adaptors based on whatever country you were planning to visit.  No need to stock a full suite of power adaptors anymore.  Buy this all-in-one and just store it in your suitcase and you’ll be ready to safely charge up at every destination.  Every frequent flier needs this!  Here is the best-selling, highest rated one that covers more than 200 countries.  It’s on sale now here. 

3).  Upgraded packing cubes 

Upgrade your old packing cubes to the latest compression packing cubes with hanging hooks and you’ll never look back!  Pack more in with the zipper compression and layering system. Then at the hotel, forget individually transfer items into the closet or cabinets.  Just pull this out and hang.  Instantly, you’re unpacked AND organized. You no longer have to throw around all the contents of your luggage to find what you were looking for!  It makes repacking so quick and mindless too. travel hacks, packing cubes, best packing cubes, pink packing cubes, compression packing cubes

IDEA!  Add 1head-to-toe fully styled outfit for each tier.  Or use each layer to easily organize each family member’s beach/swim items….or maybe it’s the underwear/sock drawer for each person.  Tell me in the comments how you’d you use this convenient system.  It’s 20% off right now, so add to cart ASAP here!

4).  Amazon FireTV stick 4k Max streaming

My husband showed me the joys of this remote and magical USB stick so I have to give him credit for this fab find.  You know how when you travel, you have to either sift through all the shows in another language, or if you’re in your country, you miss getting to skip through all the commercials and having access to your favorite streaming services?  No need to splurge on expensive on-demand movies. No need to pine over your missed favorite shows. This small USB-powered device gives you access to all your favorite pre-recorded shows and movies wherever you are in the world. It’s currently on sale here.

5).  Digital luggage scale

Overweight baggage fees are bound to happen when you stuff your baggage, shop at your new destination and then have no way to weigh your check in bags. Save yourself the overage fees at the airport and the embarrassment of having to unload your suitcase in front of everyone by buying this cheap, portable luggage scale. Just $6.99 hacks, travel must haves, weigh our luggageYou’ll use this every trip!

6).  Noise cancellation headphones and earplugs

No matter whether it’s a crowded, train or bus, a crying baby on a plane or too thin hotel room walls, there will be a time when you simply want to drown the noise out. Concentrate, sleep and rest better with these noise cancelling headphones which of course will double as your personal speakers for that music, podcast or ebook you are into.  BONUS!  You can tune out the kids when at home too! best travel hacks, best travel products These pretty blue ones are currently on sale with amazing reviews and are on my list!

7).  Best neck pillow

Do you still have the standard, U-shaped neck pillow?  Then you know the frustration of it not offering enough support to keep your head neck and chin in place and/or the discomfort of the back of the neck being so full that you end up having your head pushed forward because of the position of the airplane seat.  Time for an upgrade!  This Bcozzy is a total game changer for stability, versatility, and comfort.  I attribute my full night’s sleep to it in fact during my last international trip!  Trust me and the almost 29,000 fans who’ve reviewed it positively!  It’s also machine washable, and it comes in variety of sizes and colors too. I’m getting an extra one in a kids’ size cuz it’s perfect for car rides too! Shop here. TRAVEL HACKS, TRAVEL PRODUCTS, AIRPLANE PILLOW

8).  Hanging amenity case

Hotel counter space is notoriously small especially when you’re traveling with others.  Avoid having to fight for space on the counter to lay your toiletries down with the latest hanging models.  Hold all your hair, beauty and skincare needs without taking up any valuable space.  You can easily hang it from the bathroom mirror or any door and all the little compartments will make getting ready so much easier.  Here is a chic one at an affordable price with clear lining so you can easily spot what you need.  What color would you pick?   Beige, black, pink, mauve, grey or this blue (my favorite)?travel hacks, makeup organizer, amenity case, chic amenity case, toiletry organizer

9).  Best portable charger + electronic organizer

The organizer is a must with all the cords, chargers and adapters a family needs these days.  Never get all your cords and chargers tangled again and never fumble around trying to find your airpods at the bottom of your bag.  It is waterproof in case of spills too.  Pick your favorite color here. organizers, cord organizer, travel tips

10).  Just 1 cordless, rechargeable toothbrush for the whole family

No need to bring the toothbrush charging attachment anymore, and no need to pack separate toothbrushes for everyone, just different heads.  Pack one of these battery operated toothbrushes that come with its own cover instead and one charge will last 90 days. It’s on sale and comes in a variety of colors here. trAVEL HACKS, MUST BUY TRAVEL ITEMS, BEST TRAVEL PRODUCTS, CORDLESS TOOTHBRUSH

11).  Collapsible water bottle

Leakproof, BPA free, and saves room.  Never have to waste your money on single-use plastics at the airport or while traveling again.  Hurry and catch the 33% off sale going on now HERE.

Would you like a part 2 for best travel items for road trips?  Did I miss any of your favorite travel items for international trips here or did you see anything in this list hat you’ll be adding to cart? If so, I’d love to have you let me know in the comments below.  Thanks for reading and as always, you can follow me for daily adventures and more tips and inspiration on Instagram where I post daily in stories.  @stylishlystella

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Some items in this post were gifted to us by brands for us to review and consider for this post.  Many did not make the cut..  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.







Carlsbad Family Travel Guide! Where to Stay And What To Do

Carlsbad, CA is such a beautiful coastal, Southern Californian destination that it really should be on your travel bucket list.  From the South Bay area like in the Palos Verdes Penninsula where we live, it’s an easy 1.5 hour drive making it perfect for us to easily drive to for a weekend getaway.  And it has lots of family-friendly attractions that make it totally worth the excursion. Read on for my guide on where to stay, and what to do while there!


The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa proved to be the perfect home away from home.  We were hosted there this past spring break and were quite impressed with their roomy suite.  We couldn’t ask for anything more as a family of 3 but this extra large hotel room could have comfortably accommodated a family of 5.

It included a King sized bed, a separate room with 2 twin beds, a lounge area in between the two, a balcony overlooking sunset every evening, 3 TVs, a bathroom with separate bath/shower/toilet area, and your other typical 4star amenities in the room (fridge, conditioner, coffee station, wifi etc). What surprised us besides the 3 in-room TVs were the complimentary gelato certificates, fun pool slide and the fact that our key could unlock the neighboring Westin hotel’s facilities.  With our one hotel key, we had access to 2 gyms, 2 pools, a beautiful spa, and 2 restaurants and lounge areas.  I loved that!

We found that the 4 star ranking here was well-deserved.  The grounds were immaculate and the grand palm tree lined, floral entrance was wow-worthy and would make any jaded traveler excited upon arrival.  The receptionists were SO friendly and helpful, and our server, Anna at The 7 Mile Kitchen, (the gorgeous indoor/outdoor restaurant on – site) made us feel so at home.  We especially loved the 7 Mile Kitchen.  carlsbad, travel guide, carlsbad hotel, carlsbad things to do, carlsbad restaurantsEverything tasted so good there that we insisted on having two of our family friends come join us for a meal there.  It’s such a beautiful and family – friendly atmosphere with kids’ menus, crayons, heat lamps for the outdoor area, and good old American fare.

I also appreciated that the hotel had a Starbucks on-site too which allowed for a quick grab and go breakfast for our busy days out.  Speaking of…


spa day, carlsbad spa, carlsbad ca, carlsbad travel guide, carlsbad hotelBesides hitting their fabulous restaurant, pool and spa on-site, you might want to venture off property and check out all that Carlsbad has to offer!  Here is our top list for a weekend getaway in Carlsbad:

1).  Legoland.  You can walk to Legoland from The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa! What a perk! legoland, legoland ca, carlsbad, carlsbad travel guide, carlsbad hotel, socal things to do with kids

2).  The flower fields and the outlets are next to one another and like 6 minutes away from the hotel.  Shopping and flowers?? Yes please!! Plus this flower field is amazingly popular with the kids.

They’ve thought of everything from engaging scavenger hunts, to gem mining, to an insanely Instagramable playground to the most colorful tractor ride the kids will ever take.carlsbad, carlsbad travel guide, carlsbad hotel, flower fields, socal flower fields

3).  The beach and (city highlight) Carlsbad Village are just about a mile away.  And the hotel provides complimentary trolley transportation to/from!  The colorful architecture, and beachside, mom and pop stores and restaurants are really quite charming and worth the visit! carlsbad, travel guide, carlsbad hotel, carlsbad things to doAnd the beach, well it’s as glorious as you’d imagine from a Californian beach!

4).  golfing (The Crossings at Carlsbad Golf Course) is right by the hotel.

5).  San Diego is also just about 35-40 minutes away, so you can also easily access all that San Diego has to offer. balboa park, san diego things to do, balboa park architecture, carlsbad, travel guide, carlsbad hotel (Think the San Diego zoo, the Safari Park, Sesame Place, Balboa Park and museums)

All in all, we highly recommend visiting Carlsbad and the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa.  carlsbad, travel guide, carlsbad hotelWe hope you enjoy your future trip there and hope that this list gave you some great starting points for planning that trip!  Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite place to visit in Carlsbad is if you’ve been or what you’d most look forward to from this list if you’ve never been!

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