Pretty Pale “Daydream Romance” Trend

The last fashion show I produced was all about how to incorporate fall trends into your existing wardrobe.  One of the prevailing trends emphasized this season was called “daydream romance“.  It’s sort of an extension of spring 2010’s pale nude and blush trend colors.  For this season, add onto those color trends, ruffles, and layers and you’ve got “daydream romance.”  Winter whites, pale greys and dusty shades coupled with fur or lingerie will also update your look.

Below are some collages I made inspired from this trend theme. I love colliding the worlds of fashion, design and event planning as those are my passions and all conveniently fall within my professional focus. These collections are pure prettiness aren’t they?

Inspiration Boards: Pink Themed Events

I never considered myself a pink kinda girl – the overtly girly nature of it gave me somewhat of a gag reflex.  But somehow, I’ve made a dramatic turnaround and I’m loving fuschia.  It’s dramatic, bold and pairs nicely with my favorite black/white combo.   I’m most drawn to a rasberry pink that is less purple and more deep pink.  Below is a a collection of images that I created that would be perfect for an elegant masquerade.  I love inspiration collages.

My next collage shares the same color theme and is inspiration for a girly, French boudoir inspired birthday party.  Speaking of which, I’ve been contemplating having my next birthday at my new apartment and make it a housewarming/birthday event.

Below is a picture of my continued makeover on my shoe closet – also in fuschia pink.  What do you think?

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