Inspiration Board: Chanel

As you know from a previous blog post, I was thrilled with Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 line of purses.  So I was fascinated to see the inspiration board that started the collection.

Everything from landscapes to paintings to roses and soft portraits seemed to inspire.  I asked Vogue blogger Emily Zak where she sourced these photos and I’ll let you know once confirmed.  Could they be from the desk of Karl?

I love the creativity behind inspiration boards, have several of them in my own home and have written a blog entry about some of my favorite collages that I’ve found online.   Here are a few others that are Chanel-inspired that caught my eye.

I just adore the idea of a Chanel – inspired wedding and dream about having this gorgeous quilted Chanel cake at my future reception.  The black and white motif is classic and elegant, anemones are the perfect flower to incorporate a black & white theme and don’t you love the unique #5 table number?

Again, another Chanel-inspired wedding inspiration board, this time including some pretty blush tones.  What do you think?  It’s from Parisianevents.

This pretty set came from Princess Foo Foo who confesses to becoming a Chanel addict at the tender 5th grader period in her life when she first received her very own Chanel purse as a birthday gift.  (wow! can someone say generous parent?)  I want those cage shoes and that bracelet watch!

The above collage came from BlackPatentStilettos.  I love how she incorporates my favorite Coco quote. and the sparkly bracelet is catching my eye.

Any Chanel fans out there?  What do you think about the above roundup?  Do tell!

Inspirational Boards and Collages

I love surrounding my office space with beautiful images and I’m a huge fan of inspirational boards.  So running into these beautiful shots made me want to refresh my apartment’s inspiration boards.  It made me happy just seeing these so I thought I’d share.

An entire inspirational image-wall is pretty daring but this bold move paid off below.

photo from authentic educator on flickr

I love that this neutral room below has matching pops of pink on the inspirational board’s border and chairs.

photo from Eileen Kathryn Boyd

There is a calm sweetness to the room below.

photo from giac1061 from flickr

I imagine that a lively interior decorator lives here.

photo from canadianhouse&home

I like the orderliness of this room below.

photo from eileen josephine on flickr

The baroque furniture is so me and kind of reminds me of my bedroom .  I can see this inspirational wall taking the place of artwork at a big city boutique hotel.

photo from studioilse

For the room below, I would have liked to have seen a high-backed, glossy white baroque style chair instead.

photo from House beautiful (Benton Weinstock's home office)

And finally, a shot of my glamourous dream office.

office space

photo from Domino Magazine

Have a favorite?

If you’d like to start your own inspiration board, madebygirl’s blog tells you how!  Here’s her personal creation.

photo from madebygirl

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