Portia Munson The Artist Who Displays Hoarded Collections As Art

Juliet LOVES pink.  So it is with great amusement and girly fun that she and I have explored a pink pop-up, and a pink restaurant in NYC. Recently, the Flag Art Foundation featured Portia Munson’s “Pink Project” and so off we went, (her dressed in pink of course) to explore and see it for ourselves.

The exhibit explored artworks that array ordinary objects within containers, a theme that artist, Portia Munson readily played with.  In the past, we had seen her pink objects exhibited in a glass coffin and also perfectly lined up on a pink table, OCD style.  This time though, her exhibitting format took over a room.  A pink bedroom!  Juliet could not have been more thrilled looking around at all the pink gloriousness.

She brought her Barbie doll (also dressed in pink for the occasion) and showed  her around.  Out loud, she dreamed of living there and said, “Mommy, I wanna live here.”  Here she is after I explained she couldn’t.

portia munson, the flag art foundation, pink party, pink fashion, pink pop uphaha!  We stayed in this room, playing I spy for quite some time.  It was the girliest sensory overload one could imagine.  thousands of discarded pink objects ranging from toys, to fashions, to stuffed animals and shoes, filled every crevice, every corner.

It was truly amazing to see!  The canopy for this pink bedroom was made up of pink children’s onesies of all kinds which made me wonder how many items of pink clothing Juliet has gone through at the ripe old age of 5.

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The artist actually sewed all of these clothes to create this tented effect.

From reading about Portia’s passion for pink, I understood that she was exploring the marketing of femininity and questioning how culturally loaded the color was.

Leaving the exhibit, I started questioning where the line between hoarding and collecting for art’s sake was drawn.

Check out her last NYC exhibit called, “The Garden” below.

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What do you think?  Is this hoarding or art?

4 Top Reasons To Try TopView

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photo credit, TopView

Thanks to MomTrends and TopView, us mommy bloggers were invited to tour our own city with TopView and experience the classic, double-decker bus tour for ourselves.  And it did not disappoint!  I was so excited to finally get to ride this iconic red bus.  After having lived in the NY area for almost 20 years, you’d think I’d have tried it all but alas this was my first time getting to ride this fun red bus which I’ve seen pass by a hundred times!  After having experienced it, here is my TopView review and 5 top reasons to try it out:


  1. Time-Saving.  When in a foreign city, you may generally have an idea of attractions you want to see, but in order to make the most of your time, you’ll need to know how to navigate and schedule an itinerary that makes logistical sense.  TopView takes care of all of that by providing tours listed by area and by attraction.  From Bronx to Brooklyn, TopView offers five carefully curated, routes across NYC: Downtown Tour, Uptown Tour, Bronx Tour, Brooklyn Tour, and Night Tour cutting out the time it would take to research best routes and figure out your own transportation to each site.  With four different, All City Passes available there is sure to be one that will exactly fit your needs. 
  2. The Views – (Obviously!)  There is no better way to see the famous neighborhoods than to sit atop an open-air bus with unobstructed, vast views! The subway, bus or taxi routes never offer you this!  And who wants to miss out?  New York City is a place where you really should look up and appreciate the towering skyscrapers that surround you.  Go with a group, and you’ll surely make memories to last a lifetime!
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  3. Audio Narration in 8 Languages- In addition to the professional drivers who offer short wait times, you are provided new earphones with which you’ll receive audio guidance in a whopping 8 languages! (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Korean, and Russian) State-of-the-art, GPS triggered systems within the bus, allow for a custom-timed tour too!
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  4. Freebies – They’ve thought of everything!  Want to see the Statue of Liberty up close?  Free Liberty cruises are incliuded.  Want to see the famous Museum of the city of NY?  Free admission is included.  Afraid it might rain?  They’ll provide ponchos!  Want to traverse Central Park in a timely fashion? A free, 2-hour bike rental is included!
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    photo credit, TopView

I had so much fun traveling through town with fellow NY bloggers and would totally do it again next time tourist friends come into town!  For more information and ticketing details, click here!

Have YOU tried this double-decker, NYC bus?  You can win tickets for you and a friend!  Just leave a comment here, and follow me on both FB and Instagram!  Leave a comment in my facebook post once done with your IG and FB usernames so I can check.  Tag a friend for additional entries.


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