Wanna See Burning Man Art Without Having To Burn? – Renwick Gallery

Burning Man’s art exhibit is on full display at the Renwick in DC

Photo by Rene Smith

My burner friends return home from their (Nevada) desert experience transformed and totally inspired.  I listen to them revel in their stories of radical self-expression, extreme heat, and almost cult-like, communal living and I am in awe.  I try and imagine myself there with them, marveling at the works of art, bicycling past costumed characters, and consumed with the new utopian/libertarian culture.  But I can’t.   I can’t get over the desert conditions.  How one forgoes basic necessities in life and surfs through sandstorms, basically begging for food and supplies while wandering aimlessly in a 110 degree desert for so long boggles my mind.  But I DO understand and appreciate the longing to be surrounded by such amazing creativity and art!  So it was great enthusiasm that I traveled to DC and visited the Renwick Gallery where I got to view many of the installations up close and personal.

That’s right! From now until January 21st 2019, you can view the “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man” with the comforts of air conditioning!  The 3D art installations, video captures of daily life, and interactive experiences can be yours all within the beautiful Smithsonian venue!

First let’s talk fashion.  After all, it IS what most of the Burners and fans alike get most involved with when participating in Burning Man culture.  This festival fashion is so over-the-top.

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photo by adventureseeker.org

Replace the usual cutoffs and fringed kimonos that you might see at Coachella, with outrageous feather-y, foot-long crowns, armor, and sequined couture and you’ve got Burning Man style!  So it was with great joy that I was able to see the fine details of some of these customized outfits.  Imagine wearing any of these through a desert!!renwick gallery, burning man costumes, burning man fashion, burning man style

The wild and wacky, is always wonderful to me.  (Click here for the 5 wildest, wackiest, Tokyo spots post as proof!) Below is a meditative room with a psychedelic projection overhead for you to get lost in.

burning man art, meditation, art

Then there was the beautiful, breath-taking ballerina.

burning man, renwick gallery

photo by Ron Blunt

And then this room…. can I please live here??

photo by Ron Blunt

It is no wonder that Burning Man is one of the most influential, and talked-about phenoms in modern art.

burning man art, burning man, dc art

If these works of art don’t ignite your creative spirit, I don’t know what will.

It’s worth the road – trip, I promise.  Note, the exhibition closes in 2 phases.  September 16th is the deadline for the bottom floor and January 21, 2019 is the last date for the 2nd floor’s display.  Don’t miss it!

When there, don’t forget to wander the neighboring streets to view even more 3D art installations! For more info and a map click here.
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How to Plan Perfect Paris Pictures – 5 Top Tips

Ever see a friend’s Instagram feed or travel photos and envy them for their Instagram-able quality?  What sets the average travelgram apart and makes it go from basic to EXTRA?  Having spent too much time on Instagram for my own good, I’ve picked up on a few things or two.  And having just recently returned from a fabulous family vacation to Paris, I’ll share my top tips for planning out your very own picture-perfect Parisian pics!

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  1. Find your inspiration by following your favorite photographers /bloggers from that destination.   Here are the Instagram feeds that I followed for inspiration just to give you a start.  They showcase truly awe-inspiring photographs that both challenge and inspire you to up your own photography game while giving you great ideas in terms of locations, angles, styling and more!   @bisousparis   @unlimitedparis   @videoparis  @morgylh  @parisinfourmonths 
  2. Create a bucket list of what you consider the most photogenic spots.  After following your favorite Instagram-ers you’ll inevitably find new hot spots, and places to see.  Add them to your bucket list!  And start thinking about your shot list. Do you want to make sure you get a family shot in front of the Eiffel Tower?  Do you now want a close up of your dessert with the Parisian streets in the background just like you saw your favorite Instagram-er do?  Save your favorite inspirational photos on IG as part of your Paris photo bucket list by using that save to collection banner button!  In doing this research, you’ll start noticing that there are picturesque spots not typically in your travel guide that you’ll want to hunt down.

    I didn’t originally know for instance about this famous wall of love that showcases the phrase, “I love you” in 311 languages in the Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre.   And it was right by a toddler play ground and carousel which made it a fun stop for the gram AND for my child!  Another spot, I’m so glad I added to my photo bucket list was Rue Crémieux located between rue de Lyon and rue de Bercy.
    rainbow row, paris street, paris, instagramable paris, colorful houses, instagramable paris
    It’s the dreamiest, rainbow row that will transport you out of Paris’s normal, neutral surroundings into a unicorn-like wonderland!  Although it’s ranked only 265 on TripAdvisor amongst 1386 Parisian attractions, I’d rate this #1 in terms of getting your gram-worthy street style shot
  3. Time it. This is a two-part tip.  Firstly, look into the best time of the year and day to get those coveted shots.  When we traveled to Japan for instance, we researched the prime period for cherry blossoms to bloom cuz I desperately wanted to capture that iconic Japanese cherry blossom scene.  If it’s Eiffel tower shots with flowering trees that you’re hoping for, plan seasonally.  Also think about the “golden hour,”  the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer, making for photographically perfect lighting.  Lastly, don’t just point and shoot.  Wait for the minute that the people seemingly disappear or shuffle back far enough and make way for a less crowded shot like we did below.  Your patience will be rewarded!
    paris with kids,most instagramable paris, instagramable paris, instagramable spots in paris,
    Finally, click only when your subject is ready and you’ll be thankful later when it comes to sorting through the hundreds of photos from the day!
  4. Coordinate it.  If you’ve read through our blog at all, you know we’re fans of coordinated looks!  palace royale, paris palace, instagramable paris, mommy and me, mommy and me outfits, paris with kids, palais de royal
    If you’re planning to create that frame-worthy shot, make sure to think ahead about not only coordinating each other’s outfits to avoid a clashing look but also to think about the background setting and about how you can best compliment that too.
  5. Pose and prop it.  For our Paris photo shoots, we used berets, baguettes, and even Juliet’s stuffed poodle as touristy props to emphasize the destination’s French icons. instagramable paris, paris most instagramable, paris picture
    But you could also use a beautiful bouquet of flowers, balloons or even your morning crepe as a photo prop.  Another pro tip is to study other people’s poses.  By doing so, you’ll get new ideas on flattering ways to stand or even play with your background (have you see people seemingly hold the Eiffel Tower behind them between two fingers or on top of their hand for instance?)  Memorizing some ready-to-go poses will have you feeling more confident and able to naturally find ways to mix it up.

What are YOUR favorite photography tips for capturing that gram-worthy shot?? Tell me in the comments or share this post with a friend who would appreciate this!

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