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bethel, ny, things to do in bethel woods, things to do in woodstock, what is woodstock, what to do with kids in woodstockWhat do you think of when you think of Woodstock?  Most people remember the world-renowned, rock ‘n roll music festival and see it as a defining moment in the hippie, 60’s counter-culture.  But did you know that the Woodstock site in Bethel, New York also continues to entertain through its Cultural Arts Center, its various concert stages and halls as well as its Museum at Bethel Woods? We were recently invited to explore the area, stay locally, and enjoy the Center For The Arts immersion program for children.  Here’s what we learned.


bethel woods, woodstock, road trips in NY, woodstock museumWhat a breath of fresh air this place was!  Located just 90 miles from NYC, the expansive grounds, vibrant greenery, and lovely landscape had us city folk rejoicing in the countryside.  I’m pretty sure I heard the Sound of Music’s, “the hills are alive” song playing in the background everywhere I went.

bethel woods, woodstock, things to do in bethel ny, things to do in woodstock, where to go woodstockThink quaint restaurants, bed and breakfasts, antique shopping, farmer’s markets and friendly, down-to-earth people.  It’s a relaxing lifestyle and a much needed getaway for Manhattanites like us. Additionally, the Catskills and Monticello are neighboring cities, so if you wanted, you could also visit a local casino, indoor waterpark, one of their famous hiking trails, enjoy a mountainside view or visit an alpaca farm like we did!


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It stands for Peace.Love.Arts.You.  For 5 days, kids aged 4-9 can enjoy imaginative play and hands-on arts instruction at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts with world renowned, and talented teaching artists.  It’s a really fantastic opportunity for art-loving kids to work closely with professional artists, learn about the inspiration behind their work, and get mentored in such an intimate setting.

bethel woods center for the arts, woodstock for kids, woodstock arts centerThe day that we participated, the older kids group that Juliet was in, practiced watercolor painting techniques, learned about how to create depth and dimension by sketching with perspective, and focused on landscape drawing, intricately detailing sunsets and incorporating the use of shadows. I was really impressed at the depth of art education they imparted onto these budding artists.  It was NOT simply a free-for-all, art class.  They each grew their artistic vocabulary and became more skilled artisans in the process.


Fine art is not the only focus here though.  Through the week-long drop-off camp, kids learn foundational skills in music, theater and dance too! It truly is a well-rounded arts camp!  So not only does their educational experience enrich through learning programs, the kids create, and perform too!  This is the perfect fit for a child like Juliet who enjoys arts ‘n crafts, dance, and theater!

arts camp in bethel ny, woodstock, kids art camp, woodstock artUnbelievably, their 1 week program which daily runs from 9am – 4pm is just $250 per week. Read that again.  I said per week, NOT daily like we are used to in Manhattan.  What a freaking deal.  With all the money saved on camp, you’ll be able to splurge on a hotel getaway & spa here haha!]

woodstock, arts camp, painting with mom, painting class, center for the arts bethel woods


bethel woods, woodstock, woodstock art, woodstock music, what to do in woodstockI’m far from being a history buff so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I truly enjoyed learning about the history of Woodstock, the 60s, and hippie culture.  If all my history classes had been so interactive, and instructional through multi-media systems, I certainly would have enjoyed the subject more! We were scheduled to visit for an hour but because I really got into it and also wanted to stay to watch the Woodstock documentary, we were there for 2 hours.


crochet, crochet art, woodstock, things to do woodstock, bindy trailsWe were in Bethel during the most perfect weather weekend so it was with great delight that I explored the Bindy Bazaar trail and grounds around Woodstock!  Nothing beats the smell of fresh air and sunshine on a summer day!  The grounds were just beautiful to stroll through.  I highly recommend doing so AFTER you’ve visited the museum to fully appreciate the rich history.

bindy trail, things to do woodstock ,woodstock, woodstock hikeThe Bindy Bazaar was a vibrant, fun little trail that combined textural tapestries with trees.  Seeing artsy rainbow glimpses in the path ahead motivated me to walk further into this enchanted forest and it was a hike I will never forget.  I highly recommend this!


woodstock, things to do woodstock, things to do with kids in woodstockBethel Woods Center for the Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit cultural organization that inspires, educates, and empowers individuals through the arts and humanities.  You’ll see from their calendar of events and activities that they provide great sources of family fun entertainment ranging from seasonal festivals to musical concerts, to artsy camps for kids.  For more information and to plan your visit, click here.  


This was a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are 100% my own. 



Top, 12 Instagramable NYC Cafes Curated By A Style Blogger

There is no shortage of cafes in NYC.  So how does one pick?  If you’re going with the gram in mind, then you’ll absolutely love this list of Instagramable, cute cafes all organized by color!  What’s YOUR favorite color?  Will one of these work best for your IG aesthetic?  Let me know which place you’re most excited to check out!


instagramable cafes nyc, nyc cafe, best nyc cafes, instagramable nyc cafes

1. If your favorite color is rainbow (as my 6 year old daughter says), then you will go gaga over the Flour Shop which is pretty much made for the rainbow chaser.  Rainbow sprinkles, rainbow cake, rainbow wall, rainbow floor… can’t get enough?  Go here and it will be your new happy place.  Their candy-filled cakes are pretty darn awesome too.  Check their gram cuz they oftentimes have special, seasonal decor like the heart decals or balloons arches shown here!

177 Lafayette St, New York, NY / 4.3 stars on Google Reviews /


tiffanys cafe, blue box cafe, 5th avenue nyc, tiffany blue, tiffany's store

2. Blue Box Cafe

Click here to read all about my breakfast at Tiffany’s experience and you’ll see the full review and all the photos!  This tiny jewel-box of a cafe is more of a restaurant really.  Go here with your die-hard Tiffany’s fan friend and make sure to order the afternoon tea set to get the highly Instagramable tiered set shown here!

727 5th Ave 4th Floor, New York, NY / 4 stars on Google Reviews /

3. City of Saints

Fans of Tiffany blue or seafoam green will get a real caffeine kick out of this adorable jewel of a find.  Located in Bryant Park, get a shot of espresso and a shot for the gram.  You may not want to stay long though because there are no outlets to recharge with and no wifi to post!

instagramable nyc, instagramable nyc cafes, nyc cafe, best nyc cafe, tiffany blue cafePhotography by Michael Vahrenwald/Esto.

 108 W 42nd St, New York, NY / 3.8 stars on Google Review /


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4. Cafe’ Medi If Mediterranean meals are up your alley, make sure to head to the lower east side for a true blue dining experience.  Vegans and vegetarians love this place and I hear it’s an affordable, tasty stop for pasta!  I can’t wait to try it out myself.

107 Rivington St, New York / 4.2 stars on Google Reviews /


instagramable nyc, instagram nyc, instaworthy nyc ,best nyc cafes, brooklyn cafe

5. Sweatshop Coffee Brooklyn 

If minimalism is your thing and black is the ultimate in chic for you, you’ll want to snap some shots at this highly rated, small but stylish Brooklyn cafe.  With outdoor seating and killer acai bowls and avocado toast, it’s no wonder this is hugely popular with the hipster set.

232 Metropolitan Ave Williamsburg, NY / 4.5 stars on Google Reviews /


eat by chloe nyc, eat by chloe seaport, eat by chloe south street seaport, eat by chloe downtown

6. By Chloe – Pictured here is the South Street Seaport (downtown location) but they have others.  No one has made plant-based, vegan food look so good.  And after eating so healthy, you can stop next door at their bakery and treat yourself to something unhealthy!  How convenient!

181 Front St. New York, NY / 4.2 stars on Google Review /


instagramable nyc cafes, best tribeca cafes, best nyc cafes instagramable nyc

7. Woops  This tiny Tribeca cafe is the best Tribeca spot to grab your French macaron giftables! With adorable packaging and colorful, tasty treats, they are always a hit!  The mostly white decor has a chic, modern vibe and the checkered white tables just beg for your creative flat lay!

 93 Worth St, New York, NY 

instagramable nyc, instagramable new york, west village restaurants, best nyc restaurants

8. While We Were Young  This petite, girly restaurant is so Instagramable that it draws crowds and waits for durations of 30min- 1hour sometimes.  The most coveted seats are those plush blush banquettes pictured here but you must arrive before opening to secure those.

Avocado toast is beautifully presented and Yelp reviewers also love the chicken and waffles, truffle fries and burger!

183 W 10th St, New York, NY 10014


best nyc cafes, instagramable nyc, instagramable nyc cafes, instaworthy nyc, pink nyc restaurant

9. Blank Slate Cafe Want flowers in your coffee?  Come to this millennial pink Madison Ave. cafe!  Here, you can enjoy matcha must-haves, decadent desserts and of course your classic coffee and artisanal teas. Don’t be surprised if you see a bunch of bloggers dressed in pink here..

121 Madison Ave #3, New York, NY  / 4.4 stars on Google Reviews /


cha cha matcha, matcha nyc, best nyc cafes, instagramable nyc, instagramable cafes nyc

10. Cha Cha Matcha  If you want a healthier caffeine-kick, try Matcha while kicking back to tunes from Tupac!  This pink and green cafe will have you falling in love with the pure and simple ingredient.  Here, you can find it in all forms ranging from lattes to lemonade to soft serve ice cream.  Note, there are often lines at this highly Instagramable cafe and their soft serve ice creams are HUGE in portion so get one to share!  You can matcha gracias me later for that tip!

view 3 NYC locations click here details /


citizen m, instagramable nyc cafes, instaworthy nyc cafes, instaworthy nyc

11. Citizen M Bowery Cafe and Workspace

If what you want is super-fast internet and a workspace with your caffeine kick, then head to Citizen M Hotel on Bowery!  For just $15 you can work there all day with access to: their printers, free water, bar and rooftop access!

189 Bowery, New York, NY / 4.5 stars on Yelp

instagramable nyc cafes, best nyc cafes, fashion coffee, designer coffee, coffee n clothes12. Coffee n Clothes.  Want a little Coco with your coffee?  Burberry with your bun?  Just check out all the cute cookies and fab cups of caffeine you can order from here.  Grab your favorite fashionista and revel in your shared coffee ‘n clothes obsession together!

11 Bond St. New York, NY / 4.1 stars on Google Reviews

Tell me in the comments below what cafe is at the top of YOUR must-see list!  And if there is anything else that you think should be added to this NYC list, please let me know with a comment!!

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