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fit mom, pvolve, nyc workout, exerciseWanna have a Victoria Secret body but don’t know what their secret is? Well now I know and I’m about to share all the details here!  I’m thrilled that I got to try out this new workout, P.Volve because it is the workout those famous supermodels swear by!  It builds strength not bulk, and promises gain, not pain. Sound good?


They call their focus, “functional movement.”  And they contrast it with the high-impact, sweat-filled, grueling workouts that I personally despise.   Using the basics of neuromuscular science, they help you master precise movements and activate muscles in a meaningful way.  Less time, less energy and more effective results!

fit mom, fitness, nyc workout, workoutSo if beautiful definition and tone are your goals, this program may help you push past your plateaus!  Here is a summary from their website that describes their movement:

  • Elimination of bulk, creating beautiful shape and definition
  • Specifics include more defined thighs, a higher butt, a stronger core
  • Works with any body shape, any fitness level
  • Low-impact anti-pulse training is easy on your joints
  • Activation of hard-to-reach muscles
  • A stronger body that helps you get more out of everyday life
  • A noticeable boost to your overall health, wellbeing, and confidence
  • Access to P.volve’s proprietary fitness products to optimize workouts
exercise, fit mom, fitness, pvolve, p.volve

And yes, in class, they provide you with all the cool-looking, pulleys and weights.  They’re available for purchase too for your in-home workouts (see discounts info. below).


I especially enjoyed the funny-looking ball contraption that you had to wear in between your legs. It reminded me of the weight I felt in my pelvic area walking around as a pregnant woman back in the day.  And it made for a humorous bonding moment with the other moms in class! Fun! Fun!

p.volveP.Volve OFFERS FOR YOU!
  • 3-class pack code: enter ‘LAUNCH’ at checkout on MindBody (expires 12/31)
  • 15-day free trial CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8
  • 15% off of 1st product purchase CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8

All photos from Lauren Kara Photography

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Immersed In Wonderland, a FREE Beverly Hills Pop-Up

3-D Art by Alexa Meade

Us two pop-up princesses have played in a whopping 18 pop-ups in 2018. And that’s not even counting all the free art exhibits that have popped up like this cool one…that would bring the number closer to 30! This last pop-up of the year was possibly the best! Immersed In Wonderland in Beverly Hills by Alexa Meade was fun, memorable and it encouraged you to become part of the art!. We were more than happy to jump right in!

My girl loves to play dress up after all! Unfortunately this exhibit, once on Rodeo Drive through December 23rd is now closed. But if you were watching our daily adventures on our Instagram stories, you would have seen all the behind the scenes videos before then.

How cool is this, right?? It reminded us of the 29 rooms exhibit from 2 years ago which had the same idea..perhaps it was the same artist back then too.

What a fun place to play pretend, huh?

Now that the year has ended, we are excited for all the adventures 2019 will bring us!

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