5 Accessories Fab Kids Hunt For Before Easter

Easter is all about the hunt.  And Fab Kids hunt for the perfect Easter fashions way ahead of time.  With one month to go and this handy Fab Kids shopping list, you’re sure to have a picturesque holiday.  Just hunt for these 5 fab kids’ accessories:

  1.  Bunny Ears.  Bunny ears come in all shapes and sizes these days.  You don’t have to just go with the dollar store white and pink ones anymore.  Choose your outfit, and I promise, there will be a perfectly coordinating bunny ear set out there for you somewhere.  Shop Etsy for instance, or get your glue gun out and craft your own!easter fab kids
  2. Mini top hat.  Top hats scream fancy.  And mini-top hats are just well, fancy, and freakin’ adorable!  And isn’t that what your fab kid should be on Easter?  Place one of these miniature top hats on a child and you’ve got yourself instant cuteness overload.  If you don’t believe me, just check out these fab kids from around the world sporting what I think is one of the most unique Easter accessories you could own. mini top hat
  3. Oversized flower crown.  Nothing says spring more than flowers.  Supersize them and your child will attract adoring fans everywhere she goes.  She’ll be an instant mood booster to everyone who sees her!flower crown
  4. Easter hat.  If the above head accessories are not your style, go the traditional route and hunt for the perfect Easter hat.  Accessorize Accessorize Accessorize.  Easter is the one time when your head should NOT be bare.  easter hats
  5. Sunglasses. The Easter outfit begs for a bit of swagger and what better to boost that than a pair of hot sunglasses?  Even the shyest kid will look cooler and more confident with some shades.  Plus they make for memorable superstar photos.  Try it out!kids sunglasses

For more fabulous inspiration and the most amazing minifashionistas from around the world, be sure to follow @fab_kids on IG and FB!  Have fun hunting!  How do you usually play dress up during Easter?



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  1. Bunny ears are a must! I’ve been putting my girls in them and taking the CUTEST photos!!!

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