Why We Want Dinosaurs Living in Our Hair

With a curious title like, ‘Dinousaurs Living in My Hair,” behind the book launch party at Dylan’s Candy Bar, we were excited to attend and see what it was all about!  I can pretty much lure Juliet with candy for anything but it didn’t take much convincing, given there was so much fun awaiting us!

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As one of the first attendees to this adorable party space, we had the pleasure of spending some quality time with the award-winning author, Jayne M. Rose-Vallee who very visibly, loved children.  She was genuinely interested in getting to know each little one and spent time getting know Juliet, asking all about her big upcoming 4th birthday plans and of course, discussing everything dinosaur.dinosaurs living in my hair, children's book launch, book launch   dinosaurs living in my hair, children's book launch, book launch

As you can see, at each table, were cute dino cookies, ready to be decorated – perfectly themed with the book, “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair.”  Juliet loved the frosting and candy toppings.

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What a fun, interactive activity for the kids in theme with the book, right?IMG_0930

She also enjoyed coloring the illustrations from “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair,” and even happily showed the author her masterpiece when she finished.IMG_0931

Media were treated to a wonderful breakfast spread, mimosas, juices and coffee. Juliet gobbled up the fruit and admired the candy decor.

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The highlight of course though was the special book reading of Dinosaurs Living In My Hair led by the author herself!  Kids gathered around to listen to the sweet story of a little girl with messy tangled hair.  (Turns out this is a book Juliet could really relate to!)  Juliet wakes up each day with near-dreadlocks and a Medusa – inspired do!

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The enchanting book inspires imagination and awe and practically sings with its musical, rhyming text.  I was also impressed with how it aptly spoke to both boys (who all love dinosaurs) as well as girls who have all awoken with tangled hair at one time or another.

“Sabrina has curly hair and a problem. Tangles and knots make her mornings difficult. Try as she might . . . To make her hair “cool,” . . . . The curls make it tricky . . . To comb out for school. At the top of her head . . . Where it’s simply a mess . . . Do creatures hide out there? . . . The answer is YES!”dinosaurs living in my hair, kids party, dylan's candy bar party

We were so thankful to have walked away with a goody bag filled with a signed copy of the book, Dinosaurs Living in my Hair along with product from Shea Moisture (including a great detangler) and colorful miniature dinosaurs.  Thank you for the invite and for the fun mommy and me experience!  IMG_0953

We will look back fondly at these memories each and every time we enjoy bedtime readings of “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair.”  Dinosaurs Living In My Hair is available on Amazon for $17.99 and has an average 5 star rating!  It’s perfect for kids who are just learning that brushing their hair is part of their daily routine and perfect for dinosaur fans everywhere!

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  1. Divina says:

    How sweet and definitely going to try to find in our local book store.

  2. Anni Matsick says:

    Wow, looks like a really SWEET time! Happy 4th birthday, Juliet!

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