5 Reasons To Vaca At Seadust Cancun

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I’ve been a mom for 6 years and have only gone away on my own for a girls’ trip once and that was thanks to MomTrends who asked me to be one of the selected bloggers to participate in the sponsored Manchester outlet trip (recapped here). My husband had to let me take off for an all-expense, paid trip, right?  (Anyone else also have to appeal to the bargain-hunting side of their significant other to get what they want?)  A girls’ getaway is what every mom needs and deserves.  So when MomTrends once again, gave me the opportunity to do another sponsored trip, this time to Cancun and to kickoff Mother’s day week, I couldn’t pass it up.  I had been to Cancun once before, but never with a team of influencers and never to this all-inclusive, family resort, Seadust Cancun.   It was an amazing trip and I’m happy to share my 5 reasons I think you too must check out Seadust Cancun!

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1).  It’s All-Inclusive! 
All-inclusive vacations remove vacation planning stress by offering a packaged deal that contains most of what you need for a relaxing vacation (for a set per-person fee).  Have you ever tried one?  Never worry about losing your wallet on the beach, having enough change, or ordering that extra drink!  It’s ALL-INCLUDED, people!  Yes, even all the domestic and imported beverages are included.  Can anyone say, “2nd rounds, please?!”  This new way of living will have you feeling like a millionaire without a care in the world. Seriously.  Top this no-payment system off with their trademark, service, and you’ll never want to leave this doting resort!  Oh how hard it is to go back to reality and have to nickel and dime every little thing lol!

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2).  It’s JUST 15 minutes from the Cancun airport!

You know how you travel for hours internationally and cannot wait to dump your bags and stretch your legs in your hotel room?  Remember how it feels to land only to realize that you still have to hunt down and wait for the correct train, find a taxi AND wait an additional 2 more hours to get to your destination?  Vacation buzz killer, right? Not here.  With Seadust Cancun, you’re only a 10-15 minute drive from your beachfront hotel.  AHH now THAT’s a vacation!

nyc travel blogger, traveling mom, jaline resort, resort wear, daybreaks shoes, cancun, seadust cancunFamilies will really appreciate this close proximity!!  Cut the time you have to field those annoying “are we there yet” questions, cuz boom.  You’re off the plane and you’re there! Easy peasy…now THAT’s PRICELESS!

3).  Beautiful Views and beachfront property seadust cancun, family resort, things to do in cancun with family, cancun all inclusive resort, cancun family resort

Just look at these pictures.  Need I say more?  One of the main attractions Cancun has to offer is its brilliant Caribbean water and this hotel allows for full enjoyment of it.  This property is right on the beach!!  My mouth dropped the minute I walked into my oceanfront room.  The supersized patio (which included an outdoor whirlpool bath) overlooked the pool, the beach, the water activities and endless crystal waters.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this spectacular view..even the jaded traveler in me was impressed!  The view was also shared by the pools, the outdoor bar, and many restaurants on premise.  Our room felt enormous given the NY standards I’m used to, and I appreciated the giant bathroom, dressing area, wardrobe and vanity.  It was just me in there but it felt so luxurious being able to spread out and feel like a queen!   We took a tour of their hotel and learned that families can opt to have a bunk bed setup situated to fit an additional 3 kids with the parents in an adjacent room and bed!  This is a huge plus for larger families!

4).  Tons of delicious on-site dining

One of the greatest pleasures of being on vacation is exploring the food options, isn’t it (cuz calories don’t count on vacation, right??).  And Seadust Cancun does not disappoint!  With 11 restaurants and 10 bars on site, you might not even be able to eat your way through the whole hotel.  We tried the Food Gallery, Le Maison Du Michelle, Atlantis, and El Maguey and enjoyed everything.

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Selection and service were fantastic, atmosphere varied, and the food was yummy!  They even had the most memorable, Instagram-able desserts!  Now you see how they won me over, right?

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5).  Lots of family fun! 

When not busy trying to devour all the tasty temptations in sight, you’ll have plenty of activities to work it off or unwind and simply relax (like I wanted to do!).  The fitness minded, will enjoy the modern gym, zip-lining, water aerobics, mini-golf, the rock-climbing wall, tennis courts and water park options.  (Yes, there’s actually a water park on premises!!)

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For those looking to unwind, the spa, sauna, steam room AND baby, kids or teen club await you!! (Yes, you can drop off your kids all the way through 11pm if you like!)  Now THAT’s a vacation!

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Pin the opening image and save it to your travel files, cuz trust me, this is a place that you AND your family will enjoy!


Use code MOMTRENDS  (The booking window is from May 13th 2019 through December 20th, 2020 and  the travel window is from May 13th, 2019 through December 20th, 2020.)  Blackout dates include: Sept. 13th – 15th 2019, Oct. 31st – Nov 2nd 2019, Nov. 13th – Nov. 15th 2019, Dec. 21st – Jan. 2nd 2020, and April 5th – 18th 2020. 

Travel tip:  Avoid traveling to Mexico during the extremely hot summer months if possible!  You’ll be much happier on vaca if you don’t have to sweat through all those fabulous clothes you packed haha!


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This post was made possible by Seadust Cancun – thank you for hosting us!  All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. N. D'Anna says:

    Love reading all about this cancun trip ! It has been a while since my last visit and you’re reminding me why I need to go back.

    1. It’s such an easy, direct flight and I love that the hotel is right there once you land! Thanks for reading!

  2. laura says:

    Cancun isn’t just for spring break-ers huh?

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