Princess Picnic Summer PlayDate

I just love this princess phase.  I kinda hope it never ends.  Juliet is 5 and totally obsessed with all things Disney princess, castles, tiaras and dress-up.  So it is no surprise that she wanted to throw a princess picnic for her and some neighborhood friends.  Here are some shots from our posh playdate.  Hopefully it offers some fabulous inspiration for you to throw your own themed playdate or party!

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Since it was a beautiful summer day, we hosted the picnic on our rooftop making it easy to bring down all our princess toys, picnic gear and decor.  We simply re-purposed past party decor (thus legitimizing my hoarded stash of party supplies).  The girls enjoyed playing pretend with the toy picnic set while minding their princess manners learned at the Princess in Training playdate we hosted years ago.   Not that these girls, needed much training…after all they WERE born princessess…

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Like at all of our posh playdates and themed parties, we asked all our little guests to dress in theme and loved greeting each new guest in their glorious princess attire.

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Each dressed to impress!  And we were so honored to have Elena of Avalor, Elsa and 2 Belles in attendance!  Upon arrival, Juliet who is the hostest with the mostest, treated each guest to a fluffy pink tulle wand to make each guest feel a little more powerful.

And each guest was asked if they wanted to wear a pair of Disney (stick-on) earrings of their choice.  (Of course, they all did!)

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They were also each given matching, metallic, heart-shaped bangles to wear.  Juliet just loves gifting her friends and commemorating her playdates in this way.

Toys of all kinds were laid out for the girls to play with..screw on gem activities, Disney princess dolls (1 to match each girl’s costume), Disney princess castles, magic clip dolls etc.)  The girls had plenty to keep them occupied.

And yes, that’s Juliet throwing confetti into the air.  Each girl was given a confetti wand to sprinkle some fun.

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Us moms couldn’t stop smiling at all the girly action.  It was truly cuteness overload.

princess picnic, how to throw a princess party, princess party ideas, princess party for girls

Princess tattoos were offered by the water.

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I think it’s safe to say that the little princesses had a ball!

Thank you CharmIt for the adorable princess charmed necklace! Juliet loved wearing it to the party.

For more ideas on throwing a princess-themed party or princess picnic, click here! I’ve thrown so many! haha  And I will be so sad when this darling princess stage ends.

How To Design a Picture Perfect Birthday Party for a Little Princess


I naively thought that I could dreamily plan out my daughter’s birthday parties for at least the first 5 years of her life. Anyone who knows me knows I love planning parties and knows that I find any random excuse to celebrate.  Kids’ White party to celebrate the end of summer, anyone??  So here I am with carefully thought-through party ideas for her 1st through 5th birthday parties..not kidding check out my Pinterest page…and then my precocious, soon-to-be 4 year old daughter throws a wrench in my plans and independently comes up with her own ideas.  Princess Party!

And boy was she specific!

  • “princess theme with pink”
  • “I want it to be a tea party”
  • “I want to sit in a queen’s chair!”
  • “I want a princess cake like Olivia’s (referencing a Barbie cake)”
  • “lots of CANDY!”
  • only 4 guests” (tells me exactly who to invite and that this year it has to be a small party)
  • “I want to set the table!”

OK OK!  I get it. You want to be a princess!  So back to the drawing board I went and through our collaborative research/discussion and approval phase, we came up with a non-Disney-specific, princess tea party with pink, white and metallic colors running throughout.  Here’s how I transformed our NY apartment into a picture-perfect party palace and here are tips on how you can design yours on a budget too:


We have a large white, blank wall currently devoid of art, or frames which not only gives our living room, a clean minimalistic feel but also allows me to easily transform the space each holiday or for any celebration.  I turned this wall into a beautiful photo backdrop with my 1 splurge piece, this beautifully printed banner from Iconica Design.  The large scale immediately brightened up the room and carried the colors throughout the space.  What do you think?

Since I’m all about the photo opp, I imagined getting a group shot with the girls all jumping on my couch with balloons in the air, waving them around like they just didn’t care…  and I loved when my vision came to life!


Balloon garlands and installations if professionally done are super pricey.  But you can go the DIY route if you have a lot of patience and can spare some time (and by “some” I mean double the time you think it takes).  To stay within budget, I blew all these balloons up myself (bought wholesale), taped them to my mirror with packing tape, prayed they would stay on but still had to repeat this process 10x cuz so many popped or wouldn’t stay up, then added mirrored Christmas garland, and finally inserted silk flowers in between for a unique, girly look.  It was well worth the effort in the end, I think, don’t you?

It perfectly echoed the banner across the way and was a major conversation piece that night!

I also did a balloon makeover on an enormous balloon that I brought home one day from the Live Clean blogger brunch.  By adding my own coordinating pom pom string, tulle and paper garland, it became a one-of-a-kind photo prop!

Her feather crown can be purchased wholesale here.


She mentioned she wanted sweets.  So I made and formed rice krispy stars, added frosting, gold glitter and a gold straw to create magic wands!

Pink rock candy sticks, jellybeans, and mini cupcakes also contributed to the sugar high.  And pink, gold and silver Hershey kisses hid in crown favor boxes while candy awaited our guests in the form of pretty pink purses.


  • Happy Birthday sign is actually a cake topper that I bought wholesale here.
  • Crown favor boxes can be bought wholesale here
  • Pink purse favor boxes found wholesale here
  • The most royal of desserts however, was the princess cake!  Straight out of our dreams, was this glorious Barbie cake, dress, hat and present designed to match our party decor, from Baked by Tal.  AMAZING!

Besides giving the sweets the royal treatment, I picked out the prettiest princess-y paper goods that I could find while perfectly matching her color theme.  By printing, cutting and assembling on my own, I was able to cut costs as well.  The banner, cupcake toppers, invite, thank you card and other event signs and notes can be found here.


Tea party menu included: crown shaped PB&J princess sandwiches, 2 kinds of salad, pasta, chicken and rice, asparagus, fruit and of course, tea which I added pink edible rosebuds to.  Here’s a shot of the sandwiches that I cut using crown-shaped cookie cutters.

Gold glitter wall

If you want a picture -perfect party, you MUST think about pretty backdrops!  These princesses were expert posers and I knew I had to have a special spot for them to pick a prop and pose.  Here, I re-used my fold-up backdrop holder and created a shimmery backdrop with a friend’s borrowed gold linen, some pom pom, xmas trim and some leftover plastic tablecloth previously used at a past party.  Everything was simply taped on with packing tape on the back and cost me nothing ‘cuz I just used what I had.  It’s amazing what you can find for your party at the local dollar store!  The shredded pink tablecloth turned garland here was a dollar each and I hand-cut it.  The gold circle confetti was also from the dollar store and I filled my wholesale balloons at the dollar store with helium!

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For a sophisticated kids’ tablescape I mixed in paper plates with real plates, bought coordinating teacups on sale on ebay, and found the perfect pink, white and gold paper goods at wholesale prices! 

I really wanted a luxe linen but couldn’t afford the rental prices from my favorite linen supplier, Wildflower Linen so I made my own by buying wholesale, 1 yard of glittery mesh fabric from NY’s garment district and adding my own white ruffle trim.  I then sprinkled some diamond confetti pieces (found at Target) all over the table as shown here – majorly upgraded look from the usual child’s plastic table cover, right?

Of course, Juliet got to have her throne.  I found that Exceptional Party Rentals had some of the best throne selections with delivery to/from NYC.


For this princess tea party, our (hired) princess (and Juliet’s babysitter) gave individualized mini-makeovers giving each guest a turn on the throne.  The girls also got to design their own glass slipper, a craft involving stickers and these wholesale favor shoes.

And they enjoyed the shimmer and shine styling station and a “game of thrones” that I made up and had our resident princess lead.  (think musical chairs but with princess music, thrones, and princesses wearing tiaras)

styling station, pink princess party, plan princess party for toddlers

In the end, everyone had such a blast that they over-stayed by 2 more hours!  Nobody wanted the party to end, including me.  See my Instagram and Twitter for more details and videos!

Juliet is already talking about her next birthday party plans… she says it will be a Frozen themed party with 5 friends when she turns 5!

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