Princess Picnic Summer PlayDate

I just love this princess phase.  I kinda hope it never ends.  Juliet is 5 and totally obsessed with all things Disney princess, castles, tiaras and dress-up.  So it is no surprise that she wanted to throw a princess picnic for her and some neighborhood friends.  Here are some shots from our posh playdate.  Hopefully it offers some fabulous inspiration for you to throw your own themed playdate or party!

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Since it was a beautiful summer day, we hosted the picnic on our rooftop making it easy to bring down all our princess toys, picnic gear and decor.  We simply re-purposed past party decor (thus legitimizing my hoarded stash of party supplies).  The girls enjoyed playing pretend with the toy picnic set while minding their princess manners learned at the Princess in Training playdate we hosted years ago.   Not that these girls, needed much training…after all they WERE born princessess…

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Like at all of our posh playdates and themed parties, we asked all our little guests to dress in theme and loved greeting each new guest in their glorious princess attire.

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Each dressed to impress!  And we were so honored to have Elena of Avalor, Elsa and 2 Belles in attendance!  Upon arrival, Juliet who is the hostest with the mostest, treated each guest to a fluffy pink tulle wand to make each guest feel a little more powerful.

And each guest was asked if they wanted to wear a pair of Disney (stick-on) earrings of their choice.  (Of course, they all did!)

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They were also each given matching, metallic, heart-shaped bangles to wear.  Juliet just loves gifting her friends and commemorating her playdates in this way.

Toys of all kinds were laid out for the girls to play with..screw on gem activities, Disney princess dolls (1 to match each girl’s costume), Disney princess castles, magic clip dolls etc.)  The girls had plenty to keep them occupied.

And yes, that’s Juliet throwing confetti into the air.  Each girl was given a confetti wand to sprinkle some fun.

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Us moms couldn’t stop smiling at all the girly action.  It was truly cuteness overload.

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Princess tattoos were offered by the water.

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I think it’s safe to say that the little princesses had a ball!

Thank you CharmIt for the adorable princess charmed necklace! Juliet loved wearing it to the party.

For more ideas on throwing a princess-themed party or princess picnic, click here! I’ve thrown so many! haha  And I will be so sad when this darling princess stage ends.

Flower Power Posh Playdate – Flower Party Ideas For Kids

So apparently I’ve passed down the party planning gene because at age 5, Juliet is whimsically planning themed play dates for her buddies and herself  She came up with her 4th birthday’s princess tea party theme and her 5th birthday’s fancy dress party otherwise known as the CC no.5 party.  And this summer she wanted to host a flower themed playdate which I took the liberty to re-name as the flower power playdate.  And I was thrilled because it was the perfect excuse to break out all my new floral chargers, table napkins and napkin holders!  Read on for all our flower party ideas for kids!

With our beautiful rooftop as the garden setting, I quickly poked silk flowers from past events into the leafy backdrop, brought down some potted mini vases of flowers that Juliet helped me pick, and placed the painted rocks that Juliet created as favors for her guests.  Everyone came dressed in floral prints, floral crowns and silk flowers in their hair, cuz this fashionista group is all for themed fashion! Yay!

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Kids’ activities included: designing Play doh flowers, putting together a 3D flower puzzle, crafting flower balloons and dancing to our favorite songs. flower party ideas, flower foods, flower themed party, kids party ideasflower party, kids party ideas, flower power

The food was prepared by Chef Juliet, age 5.  She made the (edible) flower – topped fudge, the night before.  She displayed the flower-shaped cookies.  She helped top the fruit with flowers and she even helped make the rose shaped pepperoni pizza!

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The pizza was pretty easy since we cheated by buying pre-made pizza dough.  Thanks, Eataly!  If you are really ambitious, you could make your own dough from scratch.  Or if you want to be even more economical, you could use Pillsbury Dough croissant dough!  Below are the steps by step instructions for the rose-shaped pizza.  It was a hit event though ours looked more like flower bombs.  (They grew larger than expected and looked like they practically exploded in the oven)  lol What can I say, this was our first time making pizza at home…next time, I’ll flatten out the dough and use thinner pieces.

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  1. Preheat oven to 375° and spray a muffin tin with cooking spray.
  2. On a lightly floured surface, roll out and thin the pizza dough
  3. Cut each rectangle of dough lengthwise into 1-1.5″wide strips. We originally did them 2-3″ which gave them the exploded flower bomb look.
  4. Spread a very thin layer of sauce onto each strip. Sprinkle with cheeses, then layer pepperoni on top half of each strip so that they’re slightly overlapping and the top halves of the pepperoni slices are off the pastry.  This eventually gives it the petal look.
  5. Fold up bottom half of dough and tightly roll.  Transfer to prepared muffin tin and bake until golden, 15-20 minutes.

The flower craft was just as easy.  Buy flower shaped paper dishes or just cut paper plates to look like they have rounded edges.  Cut out a circle in the middle and blow a balloon through it.  Secure balloon in place with clear tape and add a balloon stick.  You can use green construction paper cut like leaves, or shape green pipe cleaners (which is what we opted to do).

What do you think?  Would you host a flower-themed get together one day?  Feeling inspired?

If you live in the NY area and love flowers, you’ll want to check out this post about the top flowery facades you’ll want on your photo bucket list.

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