Chic Chanel Party Planning Ideas for your Favorite Fashionista

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When Juliet asked for a “fancy dress-up party” with just her closest girlfriends, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to host her party at Glitter and Glam, (a beautiful kids’ spa with runway) and to incorporate the CC no.5 idea I had been secretly already been planning for her 5th birthday!  Yes, a Chanel party for kids!  But without titling her birthday, a Chanel party, I incorporated all of the brand’s iconic elements, (all fashionable signatures that I adore) into the party’s design and produced a Cute and Classy CC no.5!  Read on to see how and collect your own party planning ideas for a super chic Chanel-inspired party that YOUR favorite fashionista will love!

  1.  Pick your color theme.  Juliet’s favorite color is pink and given the venue was primarily white and pink and had gold chairs, chargers and candelabras, I knew to compliment the signature black and white Chanel combo with shots of pink and gold. kids spa, nj kids spa, nj birthday venues, paramus birthday venues, paramus nj spa, paramus nj kids spa Let your venue’s natural surrounding and offerings help determine your party’s colors and/or choose the venue with your color theme already in mind and save money.  Work with the venue’s set colors not against it.
  2. Incorporate the logo. These kids now all think that CC stands for Cute and Classy lol!  And that’s exactly what they were. Cute and oh so classy.  cute and classy no 5, chanel birthday, chanel party ideas, chanel shower, chanel no 5 partyFor her 5th birthday, we played off the famous perfume, titling the event CC no.5.  Thank you, Supermimi for all the super custom printables! They elevated the party giving it a professional, custom look!  (Don’t you love her shop’s name?  It’s like a superhero is coming to your party’s rescue lol)  I highly recommend her super powers.  She has a stylish eye, quick response time and uncanny ability to customize anything from chocolate wrappers to straw flags and banners!chanel themed birthday, chanel themed party, chanel themed kids party, cc no 5
  3. Find and Feature coordinating fabrics.  It’s all about the fashion after all.  So go beyond plastic table covers.  Think quilting, black and white stripes, or in our case, flowery 3-D pink fabric that elevated this kids’ party tablescape or nubby black and white tweed for the selfie station backdrop! chanel style, chanel shower, chanel inspired party, chanel 50th, chanel 40th, chanel birthday, chanel kids party, chanel girls party
  4. Get guests to dress upchanel inspired party, chanel inspired shower, chanel inspired birthday, chanel no 5, chanel party planningEncourage guests to dress in theme and I promise, your pictures will really pop!  If you have stylish friends like I do, it’ll be welcomed as a fun challenge.  I love my friends.  They’re always up for a fun fashion theme!It serves as a natural ice breaker too to see and discuss how people chose to style themselves.
  5. Produce a fashion show and provide props.  I provided Chanel-inspired kids’ outfits and accessories for the little girls to borrow.  Props could include everything from berets and pearls to sunglasses, gloves, poodles and Coco-like outfits. glitter and glam nj, glitter and glam party, glitter and glam kids spa, kids runway show See prior post on the 5 things to look for when hunting down Chanel-inspired fashions!chanel girls outfits, chanel kids accessories, chanel party, chanel party ideas, chanel inspired party, chanel style, chanel fashion
  6. Get glam and pampered.  Even littles enjoy luxe spa treatments!  glitter and glam, glitter n glam, nj kids spa, kids spaManis, pedis and a selection between makeup application and a facial was enjoyed by all! Read on here for more on Glitter and Glam’s spa offerings and services.  They are so sweet to kids and made getting beautified truly a Cute and Classy experience!glitter and glam kids spa, kids spa, glitter and glam nj, kids pedicure, kids spa party
  7. Parisian foods.  For our brunch we had French croissants and quiches offered alongside beloved breakfast and lunch offerings like salad, mac n. cheese, bagels, fruit kebobs and oatmeal.  Your menu could also consist of a crepe station, baguette and cheese station, and a macaron tower.  Is it cold out?  How about some hot COCO?
  8. Decorate with fashionista flair.  I copied pages out of my Chanel book and decorated our selfie station with gorgeous Chanel-inspired illustrations (as already shown above).  I also added Coco Chanel’s famous quotes around the walls of our dining room and by our rolling rack to continue the theme. “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.”  – Coco Chanel <door sign below>Even the hats were custom-made to match the decor with a giant crepe camellia.  Thanks to Roniesia from Lifestyle and Events for hand-making all of these for us and for helping to install, setup and breakdown this party with me!chanel themed party, chanel themed birthday, chanel kids, chanel kids party, chanel style, chanel party decorSupermimiDesign helped make every detail look so posh with the printables! Other fashionable details included pearl napkin holders that doubled as favors and quilted chain purses that doubled as favors and chair decor.coco chanel, chanel style, chanel themed partyAnd what about these amazing Chanel stickers that I nabbed at the Chanel NY pop -up experience?  I placed them on trays and on all the kids’ glasses!
  9. Offer fashion-forward desserts.  CC or Chanel glitter lollipops anyone? chanel themed birthday, chanel themed shower, chanel desserts, chanel lollipop, coco chanel party, chanel kids party
    Sweet Caroline Confections provided the most glamorous glittery lollipops we had ever seen. They were a huge hit with the kids AND moms!  And they tasted sooo good.  Contact her!  She’ll make any custom design look perfectly birthday, chanel desserts, chanel cupcakes, chanel invitation, chanel themed party, chanel inviteTo match the invite, party theme and colors, I also worked with A Dose Of Pink on Chanel and beauty themed cupcake toppers.  Surprisingly, these delicate creations shipped without any breakage and looked incredibly artistic in person. Notice the quilted CC detail?chanel party, chanel party planning, chanel cupcake, chanel dessertsThey’re toppers so you add them with a little frosting (glue) to whatever cupcakes you want.  Juliet and I had so much fun baking them the night before her party and then felt like professionals presenting them with these amazing toppers.  Prettiest cupcakes ever!chanel cupcake topper, chanel cupcake, chanel dessert, chanel party ideas, chanel themed party, chanel inspired party, spa partyAnd then there was the cake.  What sort of birthday would it be without cake?  It’s the star of the table and as elegantly made as this was, it surely did shine!  chanel themed desserts, chanel cake, chanel cupcake, chanel cupcake toppersKnowing that Juliet did not want any black on her cake, I opted for a black and white cake stand (a Sephora box turned upside down).  And I asked Jolirose Bake Shop to create a quilted white cake with  gold pearl accents and a gold sequin bottom.  It turned out more fabulous than we could have imagined!chanel birthday party ideas, chanel party ideas, chanel themed party ideas, chanel themed birthday, chanel cakeIs this not the prettiest cake?  Inside was white cake with baby pink frosting to match the decor.   Thank you to all the vendors who participated in exchange for promotion.  The party would not have been the same without you!

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Juliet chose Paris for our family’s next travel destination – how perfect for a post – party present!  Make sure to follow along our daily adventures through our IG stories @fabgabblog

15 Fantastic Frozen Party Ideas

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Is your child a Frozen fanatic?  After all these years, I thought my soon-to-be 5 year old would have “let it go.” But alas, Frozen fever is still hot in our household!  We’ve collected countless Elsa, Anna, and Olaf toys not to mention the costumes, castles, and games.  And with our snowflake decals still up from Christmas, we decided to put them all to good use by hosting a fantastic Frozen play date.  We were in the peak of winter freezing our you know whats off so a Frozen posh play date did seem quite timely.  As with all my posh play dates, I did some asking around and got some fabulous small businesses to collaborate in the production.  Amanda’s Parties To Go for instance, supplied us with all the decorative printables.  She had gorgeous items ranging from cupcake toppers, banners, thank you cards, tent cards, to centerpieces and food flags.  And the designs perfectly mixed my love of modern graphics with a clean, blue and white palette.  frozen party, frozen party ideas, kids party ideas, frozen decorations, frozen party decor As a bonus, she also jam-packed her printables with amazing menu ideas with her pre-printed tent cards!  Using some of her suggested ideas, and some of my own entertainment ideas, I’ve collected 15 fantastic fun-filled ideas for your very own fab Frozen event!

  1.  Host a screening or simply have the beloved movie playing in the background turning the TV into themed decor.  What’s a Frozen party without Frozen, the movie after all?
  2. Dress-up! We encouraged our little guests to come dressed in their favorite Frozen gear and also shared our Frozen wardrobe with them so that they could play dress-up and accessorize upon arriving.  The costumes become part of the decor in doing so!frozen party, frozen themed party, frozen party ideas, how to plan a frozen party
  3. Create a crafting corner encouraging kids to make a snowflake, wand, or crown.  Angela’s Party printables included signs for all of the above activities!  We made our first-ever snowflakes together by cutting out white (and also perfectly coordinated blue and white patterned) papers.  The kids were so excited to unfold the snowflake and see their creations come to life! frozen party activity, frozen party ideas, frozen themed party
  4. “Wanna build a snowman??frozen party ideas, frozen party, frozen party entertainment, frozen party crafts Build a real one outside while wearing tiaras if it happens to be a snowy day.  Or do what we did, build a snowman out of marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzel sticks and candy corn!  The printable set has the perfect sign for this activity.  And I found Ziploc bags with Frozen characters printed on them to send them home with Olaf!
  5. Kiddie Kareoke   Will your child not stop singing, Let It Go?  How did I know… Use their love of singing as entertainment for everyone and host a kiddie kareoke!  frozen games, frozen themed party, how to plan a frozen partyWe had an Elsa blue microphone, so it seemed natural to have a Frozen Kareoke moment but your singalong could simply be belting out tunes along with the Frozen soundtrack  and any old microphone (or wand turned into microphone).
  6. Play Frozen games. We had a matching game, an I Spy game and a Frozen book with character pieces displayed for the kids to pull out and play with to their heart’s content.  If you don’t have any of these, don’t fret!  Simply play a game of freeze tag or play music and have them dance until you make it stop and say, “FREEZE!”frozen party, frozen themed party, frozen party ideas, how to plan a frozen party
  7. Paint your nails Elsa and Anna colors!frozen party, frozen themed party, frozen party ideas, how to plan a frozen party, frozen manicureThink, Elsa, blue, white, glitter, and Anna pink!  The almost-5 – year old kids painted their own nails and I was truly impressed at their level of concentration and skill!  Juliet here creatively decided to paint each nail on her hand a different Frozen-themed color and it turned out great!!
  8. Make snow cakes frozen desserts, frozen themed desserts, frozen themed foods, frozen party ideas, frozen kids party, frozen party ideasWith the printable tent card as our inspiration, we created rice krispy treats.  You could create these with white snowflake sprinkles or white and blue M&Ms for an extra sweet Frozen surprise.
  9. Color Anna, Elsa or the entire cast!  I don’t know any child that doesn’t enjoy coloring so we made sure to include a coloring station at our play date.  Kids got to choose from several character coloring sheets already included in Angela’s printables set and had fun coloring to the soundtrack of Frozen playing in the background. frozen coloring sheet, frozen party ideas, frozen party, frozen party theme
  10. Play catch with a snowball!  ffrozen party, frozen themed party, frozen party ideas, how to plan a frozen party We played catch with my furry, white Christmas ornaments but you can use any white ball or heck a real snowball or a stuffed Frozen character!
  11. Add some Frozen flair!  Whether this means decorating your child’s room, her car/bike/scooter or clubhouse like we did, the kids will have fun using the printables to stick on their favorite characters and sayings.  Juliet helped me pre-party to decorate her clubhouse as well as add signs all around the house for me. frozen party, frozen themed party, frozen party ideas, how to plan a frozen party
  12. Set up a Dessert and Snack station.  Olaf Arms (mini candy sticks or pretzel sticks), Elsa’s ice crystals (blue rock candy), Olaf’s cookies (snowflake cookies), Frozen’s favorite fruit (mixed fruit), snow pudding (blue jello), Anna’s Apples, and Kristoff’s candies are what we featured.  frozen party desserts, frozen party ideas, frozen kids party theme, how to throw a frozen partyAnd it was easy, given Angela’s Parties To Go already labeled and included printables for all these items.frozen themed party menu, frozen themed desserts, frozen party ideas
  13. Food and beverage To warm us up on this very Frozen Friday, I made some chili and garlic bread and offered melted snow (water bottles and seltzer waters covered in the party labels), along with a hot cocoa bar.frozen party ideas, frozen party food, frozen party menu, frozen kids party frozen party decor, frozen party printables, frozen party theme SP Sweet Creations sent us the tableware (see the paper plates, straws, and paper cups)  It was the perfect addition to this pastel party!frozen party ideas, frozen party theme, how to throw a frozen kids party, frozen dinnerware, frozen tableware
  14. Toys galore! girls party themes, frozen party ideas, frozen party food, frozen party menu, frozen kids partyIt’s all about the toys at this age.  Pulling out toys for the kids under one theme, helps everyone to focus and helps us mommies to keep some semblance of order around the house.  I don’t know about you but I manage the overflowing toys and prevent boredom by rotating (i.e. hiding and pulling out) toys.  One day we’ll have a Play-doh play date, another day it might be a Barbie play date, or yet another it might be a Shopkins party. Yes, I’ve planned and hosted playdates with all those themes…check out the links!  This way, all the toys don’t get mixed, scattered and lost.  The kids can focus and get excited for the toy theme of the day.
  15. Snow bubble and Elsa Soap favors  Custom-made, Frozen-themed bubbles courtesy of SP Sweet Creations were a big hit amongst these little ones. They had fun trying to make the biggest bubbles possible and chased each other around with the bubble wands.  We gave one away to each playmate along with stickers, snowflake hair elastics and adorable glitter soaps in Elsa colors made by TLC for U.frozen favor ideas,  These customized soaps can come with glitter and the Elsa character or with any small toy hidden inside!  The kids had a laugh attack playing with the soap in the shower…while still in their Elsa dresses!! much Frozen fun!  What is your favorite idea?  And do you know any Frozen fans that would like this? Make sure to share the post and give it some love with a comment below!
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