The Egg House, an EGG-cellent way to Brighten Up Your Day

Juliet and I love NY for its cool pop-ups, and artsy installations so when Egg House announced its arrival to the Lower East Side, we bought tickets, skipped a bit of school and enjoyed a mommy and me day out!  (I know… I win the coolest mom ever award, right?  She’s only in PreK people..missing a couple hours won’t hurt her).   The egg-sthetic inside included bright yellow, and whites and every room, wall, and corner had an Instagram-able moment to enjoy.

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BiuBiu Xu, the founder and visionary behind this artsy pop-up says that the egg-theme was inspired by Xu’s fascination with New York City brunch culture.   “We believe in the familiarity and universality that eggs bring to people, therefore we created an imaginary place where people can momentarily escape to and share the love of eggs.”  The sunny – side up egg actually inspired the look and feel for the pop-up.  And it sure left US feeling sunny – side – up!

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As you can see, we really had a ball!

egg house, the egg house, yellow art, egg art

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” was written by the ball pit and was one of the many cute egg-centric sayings found within the space.

egg house, the egg house, nyc art, nyc eggs

Some even inspired silly poses.

We loved all the details.  Did you know that Juliet used to sleep with a whisk, she loved it so much?? Random.  I know.  So here she is posing with her favorite kitchen utensil and an egg stuffie that she brought from home lol.

whisk, egg house, the egg house, egg house nyc

TheEGG-xperience is open from April 7th to May 21st.  General admission is $18 for adults (kids 3 and under are free), and kids 4-10 are $12.  It’s really worth it in my opinion because compared to the free pop-ups, this one with the timed tickets, felt calm and collected instead of overwhelming and crowded.  There were 6 Instagrammable installations, each with little to no wait time, and though the website said people mostly spend around 45 minutes there, we happily spent a whopping 1.5 hours there having an EGG-cellent time!

egg house, egg house nyc, the egg house, egg art, nyc art

Also unlike the other free pop-ups, there really was no pressure to move from station to station.  You could lounge in an egg chair, eat your egg-themed dessert from one of their partner egg vendors (Think Eggloo for instance), play in the ball pit til your kids got tired of it and go back and forth from first station to the last in any order you wanted.  Nothing was timed and the vibe was fun and playful.

For more details see our IG story now while it lasts or visit @TheEggHouse.  They’re heading to LA and Shanghai next!! So catch it while you can!

Family tips:

  • strollers are not allowed inside
  • there is a great playground a block away
  • no public restroom on-site
  • wear yellow for even brighter, matchy photos!

Love yellow? Check out this yellow themed art gallery we found last year!

Don’t forget to walk around the neighborhood and check out all the amazing street art!  See some inspirational examples from past lower east side grafiti walls here!




Geronimo Balloons at Lincoln Center in NYC

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Nothing reminds you to live in the moment, enjoy life and to not take anything for granted like balloons.  They’re beautiful, joyous, and bring delight but just for a short time.  And with this in mind, artist and founder of Geronimo balloons has taken her love of balloons and created amazing art installations around the world, this time at the world-famous, Lincoln Center’s David Koch Theater in NYC.  I was thrilled that the incredible display including 200,000 balloons in sizes ranging from 10″ to 10′ were available for viewing during Juliet’s first viewing of the NYC ballet.  My little ballerina danced through the entire hall in anticipation of the show and in celebration of her environment.  What a memorable way to experience the ballet and her first Lincoln Center performance!

The burst of rainbow colors and whimsical setup which dramatically flowed from floor – to – ceiling inspired lots of dancing and singing from this tiny tot.  (And yes, that’s a dance costume she is wearing.  She insisted on wearing it to see her first “real dance recital! lol

ballloon display, lincoln center art, nycb art series, geronimo balloons, geronimo, geronimo balloon

AND THEN….they went and changed up all the balloons today which of course, we had to go back and see for ourselves!  This time the color theme was silver so we put our silver matching maxi skirts on and excitedly commuted uptown to check it out.   And again, it was breathtaking!

geronimo, geronimo balloons, lincoln center balloons, david koch theater, nyc minifashionista, nyc fashion kids, fab gab, balloon art, nycb art series

Having been there before, she insisted on this time going all the way up to the top floor.  What a smartie cuz the view from here was terrific too!

I just love that we get to make mommy and me memories in such spectacular settings like this while living in New York.  This NYCBallet art series is such a cool annual installation, isn’t it?

Geronimo’s Jihan Zencirli, has an interest in “creating emotional and physical spaces that can break up the monotony of a day, connecting us to one another and bringing joy.”  Well this exhibit, certainly broke us out of the monotony of our usual week!  It is something we will never forget!!

So which setup do you prefer?  We vote for the colorful one!

balloons, balloon art, balloon, balloons in nyc, geronimo

The current silver exhibition is free and open-to-the-public!  February 18-25 hours are below

Sunday, Feb 18 10am-12pm

Feb 19-24 10am-6pm

Feb 25th 10am-1pm

To see more stylish balloon displays and inspiration click here!

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