Fab Fete: 6 Healthier Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids

You wouldn’t think it but without having ever tried them, even babies instinctively know that those colorful treats handed out at Halloween are delicious and drool-worthy.  And short of refusing to trick or treat, or giving into kids’ determined demands to eat all the candy in sight, there’s not much a parent can do except to limit the candy intake, ration the good stuff (for another day or for the parents to gobble down when the kids are not looking) and distract with other healthier options.

As a party planner who loves throwing Halloween parties for my toddler and her friends, (see last year’s Haute Halloween here), I’m always looking for ways to incorporate some healthy options into the mix!  Here are 6 healthier Halloween treats with festive looks that will keep kids coming back for more:

1).  Jack O Lantern oranges

Create mini Jack O Lanterns with a Sharpie and some tangerines

halloween for toddlers

This shot is actually my own from when I was designing a food station setup for this Monday’s upcoming BOO-tiful Halloween Bash.  These treats are fun, portable, and double as adorable displays.  I got so addicted to making these crazy pumpkin faces that I couldn’t stop and kept looking for more orange items to draw on. I’m like this when I get a hold of a glue gun too!

healthy halloween treats

2. Mandarin orange snack packs

If you find yourself on a roll like I did, continue on with the Sharpie and make funny faces with snackable oranges (preferably packed in 100% fruit juice).  My toddler loves this stuff! And they’re great to take on-the-go as well!

toddler halloween snacks

I love the idea of fruits as Halloween treat replacements because they’re still sweet and surprisingly can be decorated to fit your Halloween decor!

3).  Banana ghosts

Bananas can be halved and then given a face with some chocolate chips (in 2 sizes)!  I plan to add this to my Halloween party table too.

banana ghost

You can also create a pure white version of this banana ghost by freezing the sliced banana, rolling it in melted white chocolate and coconut shavings and then add raisins.


4).  Apple mouths

Apples can be turned into bloody mouths with some almond slivers, and jam (or use nut butter!).  Just make sure to douse your apples in lemon juice first to make sure they don’t turn color too quickly.

healthy halloween snacks

5).  Pumpkin snack tray

Create a snack tray in the formation of a pumpkin!  Here are some fun ideas.

halloween snacks

6).   Pudding Monsters

The Chirping Moms gave me this ghostly idea.  Turn a pudding cup upside down and add eyes for a fun and festive treat!



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