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A surprising number of social networking sites are now dedicated to street fashion and personal style.  They allow those obsessed with fashion to post an outfit, review another’s and generally be inspired by street fashion all over the world.  The only way my guy friend was able to relate to my particular obsession, was to come up with the closest equivalent of a that he could.  He likens the sites to the car-crazed sites where guys swoon over each other’s customized cars.  Guys inspire each other with rims, suspension and paint jobs while girls inspire one another with shoes, accessories and color matches…er at least that’s how he was able to understand things.

Ok this he gets.  Major relief.  If only I could get him to participate with my postings by serving as my fashion photographer.  The couple times, I’ve swallowed my pride and risked forever being seen as some vain poser, he begrudgingly obliged only after making a couple snide remarks, ultimately making me regret the proposition.  I’ve since bought a tripod.  Goodbye to trying to transform a boyfriend into a personal photographer and hello stealthy solitary photo shoots!

  1. Cindy says:

    cute blog! You need to find yourself an actual photographer or filmmaker and then turn him into your boyfriend instead of vice versa. LOL… 😉 but for reals, it works! hee hee.

New York Fashion Week: Goody Bag Memories

Gone are the good ole’ days when fashion week meant a cabinet re-filled with fashionable freebies.  Below is a sentimental sample of what one week of fashion shows USED to yield.

Yes, that’s DKNY branded champagne, and no free magazines weren’t included in this pictorial summary.

My favorite freebies were always the certificates for spa, restaurant and gym experiences.

  1. CINDY KOBEDA says:

    LOVE this WEBSITE:)

    1. fabgab says:

      Thanks Cindy! Can I ask how you discovered it?

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