The Bunny Museum – a Quirky, Hoppy & Unforgettable Pasadena Pit Stop

We love bunnies! Heck we even own a pet bunny. And being that I love visiting weird and wacky places when traveling, it’s no surprise the Bunny Museum made it to my must-see list!

Where – Located at 2605 Lake Avenue in Altadena, CA is an LA County spot directly north of Pasadena so whenever visiting Pasadena, remember to add this pit stop to your list!

What is it? It’s a museum featuring rabbit-related items and it is Guinness Book certified to be the world’s largest collection!

While it might not be the most beautifully displayed museum (it’s more akin to a hoarder’s house), it IS the most extensive, interesting collection under one niche category that I have ever witnessed. We had so much fun exploring and discovering new finds aisle after aisle.

Imagine an I Spy book come to life!

There were treasures to be had everywhere! My 8 year old daughter enjoyed figuring out all the various categorical displays: white stuffed bunnies, ceramic bunnies, bunny mugs, bunny slippers, bunny food items, St, Patrick day bunnies… the list went on and on!

Bunny ties, anyone?

How /why did this start? 1993 Steve gave Candace a stuffed bunny because of the honey bunny nickname she gave him. And from then on, they exchanged DAILY bunny gifts to one another eventually amassing a collection so large that they decided to open a bunny museum (their Pasadena house) to the public. In 2017, after their collection grew to over 34,000 bunny themed items, they moved the museum to a former art gallery space in its current Altadena location.

What to know before you go- only kids 4 and under are free. Adults $12, kids 5-12 $8, seniors and military $10. Restrooms are on-site and street parking is available. Pet bunnies are allowed in but are only to be carried. Live bunnies and cats can be seen inside but this is not a petting zoo. They do not offer an Easter egg hunt or pictures with the Easter bunny. (But they SHOULD)!! And note they do NOT allow you to bring your own purses and backpacks so leave them in the car. Lockers are available for $1 each otherwise. Lastly, masks are required. And true bunny enthusiasts can opt for an annual membership which includes access into members only rooms and special events.

So what do you think? Would you want to visit?

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5 Ways to Convince (Little) Kids School is Cool

Is your little having a hard time with the thought of going back to school? With the pandemic year(s) of schooling behind us, it might be hard to imagine normalcy and going back to school again. So if your child needs a little extra encouragement this year, read on!

1). Outfit of the day. I don’t know about you, but the best part of going back to school for me was all the back to school shopping. Preparing that first day of school outfit for example was such a fun thing look forward to. Let your little have a say in choosing what to wear and it will ensure they feel confident, comfortable and cool that first day of school! Click here for our favorite kiddie clothing subscription box which allows for your child’s input on style and free returns (clicking through will give you 30% off and free shipping & styling too)!  Bonus TIP- agree on and lay out everything the day before to ensure a quick and easy morning routine. You don’t wanna waste time the morning of wondering where that matching sock went or realizing your child has outgrown their shoes for instance.

2). Cool school supplies little ones love having a say in everything. And kids love to show off their stuff so let them get excited about all the little things! Whether it be shopping for a new backpack, lunchbox, pencil case or funny shaped erasers, allow them to have their way on these little things while checking off that school supply list! If your child is old enough for homework, make sure to arrange a quiet study space too. One thing that has helped us prepare this spot are these great, organizational rolling carts. They come in white, black, pink, and Tiffany blue and are under $40.back to school, back to school supplies, arts and crafts organizerWe keep our extra school related supplies and arts and crafts for future projects there! And I love how it easily rolls from the child’s desk to larger tables where parents can assist and join in on the crafting!

3). Memorable meal. We all know we can’t prepare an Instagram-able, picture -perfect meal every day of the year but why not aim to make their back-to-school breakfast or lunch extra special? (It’s ok if it’s all downhill from there lol). Whether it’s sneaking in a love note into their lunch box, or making their favorite breakfast and decorating the dining area with balloons and other back to school banners, make it memorable and the kids will have yet another reason to smile. Click here for pancake design supplies you’ll need to make these cute pencil pancakes like I did!

4). Prep them with the perfect books! Naturally, there’s a little anxiety that goes with the unknown. And little kids oftentimes have trouble walking into a new classroom feeling brave and ready to make new friends in such new environments. Books help manage expectations, show them all the fun there is to be had and offer valuable tips on making friends and ensuring a successful day! There are so many that target your child’s specific age and grade level but here are some of our favorites! 





5). Connect! Remind them of the fun social aspects of school by planning play dates, FaceTimes and phone calls with their old, school friends. And get them excited to meet this year’s teacher by encouraging them to plan a special teacher’s gift. We’ve prepared everything from small teacher appreciation gifts, to a cute introduction letter, to an art project made just for them.

When does your child’s school start? Have they started already? Now that we are in the CA school district, we start earlier than we did in New York. School starts this Wednesday. And we are ready but it’s a new school so wish us luck!!  kidpik, oculus nyc, nyc kid, back to school fashion

Wishing all you parents lots of luck and joy this school year!!  Click here to read about the one customized school item you ALL need and why!




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