5 Best Beauty Buys from 2020

Wow what a year! 2020 will go down as one of the most stress-ridden, anxiety-triggering, let down years of them all. As it comes to a close, and as the holidays approach us let’s all think of the women in our lives who helped us survive it all! Whether that’s a close girlfriend who talked you off the ledge, or a female caregiver who helped with the burden of childcare, or the nurse who helped your family member, they deserve a treat. And so do YOU! You made it through triumphantly and you’re still here to live to tell about it! Don’t listen to those who wrongly miscategorize sleep, and a simple shower as moments of self care. What are they gonna do next? Say you treated yourself cuz you sat down for dinner? NO. You need (and deserve) everything off this list. And so does that female on your “nice” list

Spa Sciences (Beauty tools). Facials can get pricey. Did you know though that now there are new tools to help you DIY the experience and get the same benefits at home? Spa sciences has come out with a couple new tools that I suggest everyone add to their bathroom cabinets for an invigorating exfoliation and cleanse! I use the MIO for pore extraction and resurfacing at least once a month and the NOVA Sonic cleansing system daily. Together they’ll run you just $70 the cost of one facial and these will give you weekly ones for the rest of your life without the commute.

MySmile (teeth whitener)– did you survive lockdown with coffee and wine too? If so, now’s the time to repair the teeth staining. This at home whitening kit is a fraction of the cost that you would have spent at the dentist’s office. And who wants to take off their mask at an office and have a dentist all up in their mouth right now anyways? With super easy to follow instructions, you’ll have whiter, brighter teeth.  And it’s so easy! Try it! I did (while watching the Bachelorette reality series lol)


Kiel’s -get the latest in skincare from Kiel’s and it will come pre-packaged in the perfect holiday presentation. I have been loving the line reducing vitamin c serum, midnight recovery concentrate, and vitamin c (multi-corrective cream). Their powerful potions are highly effective and popular with both sexes actually.  And the boxed sets range in price from. $25-$100 to fit every budget.  Plus how cute are these??

Tarte Cosmetics-having learned about the clean, cruelty free, non-toxic movement, I’m super appreciative of this free from harsh chemicals- makeup line. And I’m so happy to have been able to partner with them and try almost everything out! Their high-performance natural products have great pigment in their colors and I’m addicted to their foundation and eye colors. My daughter often likes to try my makeup on herself and this line feels much safer for a baby’s skin than others. Plus they have the cutest packaging which makes gifting easy!  Click here to shop their Gift quiz which will lead you to the perfect gift!

Dyson air wrap– are you still using the old hair dryer and irons that damage your hair? Time to get updated because Dyson has come out with a revolutionary all-in-one device that protects, shines, curls, straightens, dries and tames your tresses. AND they managed to make it look uber cool! Impress someone with this technology. You can rest assured that this is something they probably don’t have yet and you can be sure that one size fits all!!  Click here to shop the complete styler set.

With Christmas just 11 days away which of these items will make your last minute shopping list?  Happy holidays everyone!  Click here for a funny, corona virus inspired gift guide for kids!

Full disclosure, I have been gifted items to review and consider including in this round-up.  Not all items made it to the list.  All opinions are 100% mine.

The Most Affordable, 2020 Gift Guide for Kids -Corona Virus Themed Edition!

corona virus christmas, holiday gift guide 2020, kids gift guide corona virus themed gift, gift ideas for kids2020 will forever go down in the history books as the year of: corona virus, quarantining, social distancing, sanitizing and wearing masks.  So this year, let’s all learn to laugh about it (better than crying, right?) and commemorate it with a themed gift that will surprise and delight the receiver.  Here are 10 top corona virus-themed gift ideas to add to your cart for the kids.   And they’re all from Amazon!  Happy shopping and happy Cyber Monday!  All product links are shoppable (just click through!)

1)SnapStyle masks

christmas gift guide for kids, christmas gift guide 2020 corona virus christmas, make your own mask, diy maskMasks that are both functional AND fashionable are all the rage this year.  Did you know though that you can DIY them and stay within the W.H.O safety standards? This amazing kit (which comes in a set of 4 or 10 mask kits), team up with a SnapStyle app that allows you to create any fun printed mask in minutes.  Think about all the possibilities! You can even match the fabric on your clothes for an entirely coordinated look!  Or you could take a picture of your lower face to create a customized mask with your own smile!  This kid-friendly kit is great for an after-school activity, family crafting night or to help create personalized gifts to friends!  $17.99 for 4 pack or $39.99 for 10pack

2) Make Your Own Lanyard – 

Who knew that masks would be the #1 accessory of 2020?  Now do you know what else you need?  A lanyard / chain necklace!  Kids especially, who run around a lot and take their masks on/off are prone to losing them and getting them dirty.  So lanyards are especially important to keep masks clean and close by.  This fun kit is easy to use and fun to make and gift with and for friends.  With 900 pieces and 12 charms, this colorful kit will be great for boys and girls!  $7.95

3) Klutz make your own soap activity

klutz for kids, klutz, corona virus gifts, corona virus christmas, christmas gift guide for kids, kids christmas gift guideWant a corona virus themed gift that is both useful and educational?  Than this science-oriented gift which won the National Parenting Center Award is for YOU! My daughter actually picked this out for herself.  And i loved that it made the thought of hand-washing for 20seconds or more more fun. With cute cut out shapes like cat faces and stars, kids will love getting to choose their own colors and scents!

diy soap,corona virus christmas, christmas gift guide, klutz kids, klutz, soap making$21.99 now on sale for $15.60

4) BMe (larger) DIY soap making kit

If you have more than one child, or are preparing for a kids’ party than this larger soap making kit will be your best option and it is also on sale today for Cyber Monday! It makes up To 15 shaped soaps (or more if using the smaller molds). Included are 30 soap cubes to create up to 15 + fun-shaped soaps, layered soaps or encapsulated soaps with just one craft kit. $34.99 now on sale for $24.49.

diy soap kit, soap making, make soap, diy soap, corona virus christmas, slumber party activities, bme, corona virus gift

5) Corona Virus pinata

Are you mad at the corona virus? We all are.  What better way to get your anger out than to smash it!  haha  This corona virus pinata will let you do just that.  Take out all your stress, anger and anxiety out on this and you’ll be rewarded with the candy, treats and toys of your choice! There are surprisingly a bunch of funny options out there right now by some creative masterminds who have posted their creations on Amazon but this one is currently on sale!  I think it’s the perfect addition to any New Year’s Eve celebration this year and will be buying one for our family.  What more memorable way to say goodbye to 2020 with while safely celebrating at home this year?  $19.99 on sale for $14.99

corona virus toy, corona virus pinata, christmas gift guide, corona virus gift guide, corona virus christmas gift

6) Corona Virus Squishy Toy

corona virus gift guide, christmas gift guide, corona virus toy, corona virus squishyMy daughter is obsessed with squishy toys.  And they make for great sensory toys as well as stress relievers.  This corona virus version also makes for the perfect 2020 stocking or pinata stuffer – don’t you think?!  They come in a pack of 4 in various colors and I just KNOW this will be a hit with the younger kids especially.  What a funny, playful way to commemorate the corona virus!  $15.98

7) 2020 Family ornament

christmas ornament, christmas gift guide 2020, christmas gift guide, corona virus gift guideThis customizable family ornament comes in various versions where you can choose the number of Santa heads to fit your family.  What a funny gag gift and way to remember our crazy year.  Hopefully you’ll look back on your tree year after year and be able to laugh at 2020 and the toilet paper shortage.  Bonus!  You can even write in the names of each person in the family.  $9.99

8) Words of 2020 ornament

Want to find the perfect pandemic gift for under $20?  Get this funny ornament which features all the famous words of 2020 that we’ve come to know, and hate.  Which one did you hate the most? LOL  $12.00

christmas gift guide, corona virus themed gift, corona virus gift, corona virus christmas

9) Corona Virus Christmas bookcorona virus christmas gift, christmas gift guide 2020, christmas gift guide for kids

Did you find it challenging to explain the new normal to your kids?  Well, this unique Christmas book illustrates important concepts like social distancing and the importance of wearing masks perfectly with the happy message promoting how the Christmas spirit will always shine through. “Christmas is coming, but it’s different this year.  Will it still be merry and full of holiday cheer?  The pandemic has changed things, we know this is true.  But the spirit of Christmas will ALWAYS shine through.”  $10.91

10) Corona Virus Activity and Coloring book

coloring book, christmas gift guide, corona virus christmasNeed to keep your kids busy this holiday break?  Incorporate the quarantining theme in a silly way with this activity and coloring book created by a school teacher! It promises to spin quarantining into thoughts of encouragement, positivity and big dreams.  And that sounds like something we all need this Christmas season!  $8.99.


What did YOU like most from this list and is there something that you’ll be adding to your cart today from here?  Let me know in the comments below and happy shopping.

Some of these items were gifted to us in exchange for review and possible inclusion.  Thanks for reading!  And remember to follow me @stylishlystella on Instagram where I share daily, inspiration for celebrating the everyday in style!




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