Art: Fashion Illustration of Me by Ilse Valfre

I was honored to recently have fashionista stationary named after me and am honored now to have this fashion illustration made for me and FabGab.  Hehe there’s the FabGab iconic chandelier, and some of my favorite things: Chanel purse, bow in hair and dress.  How perfect!

And here’s another NY fashionista illustration that she gave me.  I think the first one is more me.  What do you think?

I’m a fan of Ilse Valfre’s work as she will closely follow all the latest fashions coming down the runway and adoringly illustrate them on her make-believe models.  Speaking of models, this fashion illustrator doesn’t just draw pretty images, she is a pretty image herself and actually models on the side as well!  Check her and her site out!

You must check out her website and blog.  I’m sure you’ll be as giddy as I was when viewing all the wonderful creations.  Here are some of my favorites!

She’s SUCH a talent, isn’t she?

Art: Bella Pilar’s Fab Stationary

I received this note today and learned that I now have fashionista stationary named after me.

“Hey, you are going to love this! I told my friend Bella about you when she told me she had completed this box set of multi-ethnic girls. I even sent her a picture of us. She said that she will now name her Asian girls after you ! So go pick up this box at Papyrus, cause our cards are there!

So happy to welcome you into the wonderful world of Bella fashionistas!!!!!


Here’s the rest of the I (heart) NY collection.  Cute huh?

I’m a huge fan of Bella Pilar’s fashionable artwork and illustrations.  If you like what you see here, you can purchase stationary at Papyrus and/or view more of her work at her website

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