Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion from Mindrelic on Vimeo.

Things I love about NY:

  • the freedom to be who you want to be (where else can you live out every dream, dress/act/speak/live in any weird way and still be so accepted, still be so anonymous, still find your niche?)
  • endless selection (in restaurants, in people, in things to do, in shopping)
  • the eye candy (the beautiful people, the fashions, the cool hotels/lounges, the Parks, the museums, the Christmas windows)
  • the silly surprises (organized pillow fights in Union Square, Halloween doggie parades, the Easter bunny ice skating at Rockefeller Center, dancers in the subway train, Hello Kitty in Times Square)
  • the feeling you get walking down the streets the feeling of excitement, power, opportunity, romance, wonderment, glamour and possibility.

I heart New York.  What do YOU most love about NYC?

Fab Decor

So how do you like my new website design?  It’s going through its last remaining tweaks now and when it’s finally finished, I’m going to be giving away a fab goody bag with contents straight from NY fashion week so check back later!


For now, I wanted to leave you with some newly found wallpaper selections for your next fab decor project, all found here.

This black and white wallpaper find would be perfect for the shoe obsessed, a fashionista’s office or for anyone’s dressing area.

Source: via Fab on Pinterest

Source: via Fab on Pinterest

I especially love this one!!

Source: via Fab on Pinterest

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