6 Sensational Reasons to Visit Yucca Valley and Its Quirky Hidden Gems

Are you looking for a unique and charming desert getaway? If you’ve already been to Palm Springs and or want someplace cooler in temps, consider visiting Yucca Valley, California. Here are 6 sensational reasons you need to add Yucca Valley to your travel bucket list.

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1). Desert vibes without the unbearable temps!

Yucca Valley tends to be at least 10 degrees cooler than the nearby, Palm Springs which can be a game changer and total relief especially when comparing the 3 digit temps of Palm Springs during the hottest season. We found the high 70s-low 80 degree temps late September during our Yucca Valley visit to be perfect! (DWhereas Palm Springs was in the high 90s-Los 100s)! 😅😅

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Plus, Yucca Valley offers a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere than touristy Palm Springs. Being city slickers ourselves, we absolutely cherished the peaceful, often other-worldly vibes. You will surely feel transported here. It was the perfect place for a girls’ getaway from the hustle and bustle of LA.

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Nature enthusiasts will especially enjoy the awe-inspiring star and sunset gazing, the iconic Joshua tree /boulder / mountain landscape, plus the hiking and the rock climbing opportunities throughout this picturesque desert town. If you’ve never immersed yourself in this sort of environment, it will absolutely blow your mind!

2). World Famous Crochet Museum
what to do in yucca valley, crochet, yucca valley art, yucca valley, crochet museum

Immerse yourself in a whimsical wonderland filled with stunning crochet creations from talented artists around the globe at this one-of-a-kind, pit stop created by local artist, Shari Elf.

crochet museum, yucca valley art, yucca valley, crochet

Marvel at the intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and extraordinary designs that showcase the true artistry of crochet. Whether you’re a seasoned crochet enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of handmade crafts, this tiny but extraordinary museum promises to captivate your imagination and leave you in awe.

yucca valley art, yucca valley, crochet museum, world's largest crochet museum, crochet

📍 61855 29 Palms Highway. Closes at 5PM

3). Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum

Part hair salon (by appointment), part art exhibit, and part museum, this is a fun and unforgettable find! The pastel exterior featuring a fun photo opp in front of the store with its vintage beauty salon chairs totally sets the stage for the vintage vibes inside, doesn’t it?

Walk inside and you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in HAIRstory! The lovingly curated, pastel beauty palace is a feast for the eyes!

beauty bubble, yucca valley art, yucca valley, beauty museum

Think mannequin heads artfully topped with colorful curlers, nostalgic and never-seen-before hair products, vintage brooches and starburst sunnies. Think glamour shots, mixed in with articles, ads and unusual, rare products from the beauty industry. This place is so unique it warranted a documentary called, “Inside the beauty bubble” featuring its founder, Jeff Hafler.

beauty bubble, yucca valley art, yucca valley, beauty museum

📍 61855 29 Palms HWY. open 10am-6pm (It’s right next to the crochet museum so park once and see both)!!

4). Yucca Valley’s thriving arts scene,

is also a huge draw. Amongst the charming choices, I’d recommend Noah Purifoy outdoor desert art museum if unconventional, modern art is your thing.

noah purifoy outdoor art, yucca valley art, yucca valley, noah purifoy art
yucca valley art, yucca valley, noah purifoy art

Set amidst the unique desert landscape, isolated in what seems like no man’s land, I truly enjoyed wandering around and exploring the eccentric installations, makeshift houses, and arches built with toilets, and tires. This place proves that one man’s trash truly is another’s treasure and reminded me of a similar desert exhibit we once visited called Slab City by the Salton City.

yucca valley, things to do in yucca valley, outdoor art installation, noah purifoy art, noah purifoy

📍 63030 Blair Ln. Joshua Tree, CA. TIP-go when the sun is down to avoid harsh sunlight and excessive heat and also to avoid other people in your photos. This gallery is open to the public sun up to sundown at 8pm without an entrance fee and dogs are welcome.

5). Vintage shop at The End.

Fashionistas flock to this vintage store! If you’re into vintage, jewelry, and rare fashion finds, this is a must-stop! I bought a pretty cottage core style nightgown here and an art deco golden necklace which I can’t wait to wear. Btw shopping was our only cardio on this trip and I much preferred it that way! And my eyes (maybe not so much my legs) got the most fun workout here!!

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📍 55872 29 Palms HWY. open 11am-5pm

6). Go back in Time at Pioneer Town
yucca valley, joshua tree, what to do in yucca valley, pioneer town

Pioneertown in Yucca Valley is a hidden gem nestled in the mesmerizing beauty of the Mojave Desert. Stepping foot into this charming town feels like traveling back in time to the era of the wild west, with its rustic buildings and dusty streets. The old-fashioned saloons, authentic western-style shops, and the famous Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace exude an aura of nostalgia and old-fashioned adventure.

yucca valley, joshua tree, what to do in yucca valley, pioneer town

Whether you’re a Western enthusiast, or simply a content creator like us seeking unique backdrops, Pioneertown promises to leave an indelible impression on your memory!

BONUS Bucket List stop in Yucca Valley?

Make sure to eat at La Copine while in the Yucca Valley.  It has been featured in the NY Times and Vogue and we can attest to its deliciousness!!  We ordered 7 items and loved them ALL!  It’s a must stop..trust us!  


Ok! Thanks for reading!  Make sure to follow along on Instagram for more videos and photos of this amazing girls’ getaway to Yucca Valley.  I hope you get to visit one day and hope that this list is helpful to you and inspires you to visit one day!!

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Ultimate LA List of 10 Pink Places Perfect For Any Barbie Girl

Barbie Mania

Barbie mania has taken over with the upcoming Barbie movie releasing this Friday, July 21st. And social media has been exploding with all the pink, aesthetic ways to celebrate. You KNOW I’m here for it!! 😍😍

barbie the movie, margot robbie, barbie movie

photo credit Barbie the movie

Speaking of the worldwide Barbie takeover, who else entered to win a free night’s stay at Barbie’s mansion care of Airbnb?

barbie mansion, barbie the movie, barbie pink house, pink house, barbie airbnb

No worries if you too failed to win it.  Because, I’ve got you covered if you want to live out your Barbie dreams!!💕If you’re in the LA area, grab your girls and GO to any of these over-the-top, pink places and celebrate Barbie style!!

pink places in la, barbie popup, barbie the movie, pink cafe, pink restaurant, pink places, instagramable la, instagramable places

I’ve compiled for you, THE ultimate LA list of all the best Barbie inspired, pink aesthetic places to bring your Barbie girls to! Share this with a friend you’d like to party with and PIN the above image for reference later!

1).  World of Barbie📍 395 Santa Monica Place

Barbie fanatics MUST stop into this Santa Monica popup before it leaves LA. Think: life -sized dream: camper, closet, kitchen, movie theater, rocket and living room! Life in plastic really IS fantastic! Think historical snippets of Barbie’s: life, career, and cars, (plus a million photogenic spots to snap a selfie)! Note-groups of 6 or more qualify for a discount. And evening “sips after sunset” special events for adults (only) are fun options too! For an extra fee, you can even create a customizable doll set. What a fun experience! Expect to spend about 60-90minutes here depending on how many pics you plan to take, how long you play in the ball pit, and whether you’re stopping for an outfit change in their bathroom.😆

2).  Piink Pilates 📍 837 Traction Ave in Los Angeles

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Get your Barbie dream body in the cutest pink studio ever!! Designed and led by pilates teacher, Chrissa Sparkles (don’t you love her name)?? it’s a high intensity fusion of mat pilates and strength training using (pink) Bala equipment for 45 minutes. It’s SO pretty in pink you won’t be able to resist taking some workout pics here.  It’s a good thing that pictures are encouraged and time is even allotted before and after class for you to shoot for the gram. ‘Cuz if you don’t take a pic and share it with the world, were you even really there??

3).  The Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge & pool  📍 9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills

If you’re not willing to shell out top dollar for a hotel stay at the iconic, Beverly Hills Hotel, where their fabulous pink pool area resides, no worries. Just book an overpriced restaurant reservation instead at the Polo Lounge. 😆 Ask for one of their booths and you’ll be surrounded by palms and pink. It’s a dreamy combo, isn’t it?  AND if you go soon, you’ll also be able to hit the Dior (pink) popup for an extra girly shopping adventure!

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4).  Pink wall at Paul Smith 📍 8221 Melrose Ave. LA

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This iconic pink wall has been a pit stop for pictures before the days of Instagram and has blown up since. On any given day, you will undoubtedly see people posing there. It is actually estimated that over 55,000 people visit this wall every year! Why? Because it’s a massive, 20’, eye-catching pink wall, and it provides an irresistible, cheery backdrop. What Barbie lover wouldn’t appreciate that?

5).  Le Coco Restaurant 📍 11901 Lakewood Blvd. Downey, CA

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This pink restaurant combines the love of pink with the love of Chanel and provides the perfect meetup spot for any girly girl. We loved their brunch and were wowed by all the pretty in pink details and their unforgettable, pink mimosa tree. This inconspicuous little restaurant in a strip mall is the cutest little spot in the Inland Empire area to celebrate all things Barbie, or any birthday, bridal shower or bachelorette for that matter!

6).  Pink & Boujee 📍 948 Crocker St Los Angeles, CA 90021

pink places in la, barbie popup, barbie the movie, pink cafe, pink restaurant, pink places, instagramable la, instagramable places, pink restaurants, pink taco

For authentic Mexican food with a pink twist, grab your girlfriends and go here! They’ve got everything from pink pancakes and pink glitter cappuccinos to pink tacos and nachos. And of course, you’ll find the requisite pink phone booth and floral pink entrance here with a Barbie pink interior to really set the mood.

7). Cafe Landwer (limited time Barbie themed menu) 📍 10250 Santa Monica Blvd.

This Mediterranean restaurant at Westfield’s Century City mall is serving up dollhouse (pink) hummus, glitz and glitter rose’, and pretty in pink waffles. Reservations needed. 

pink places in la, barbie menu, pink breakfast8).  Boulon D Amour 📍 1798 W Washington Blvd. Los Angeles 📍 2nd Fl Westfield Century City mall (small popup style cafe) 📍 319 Cannon Dr. Beverly Hills

boulon cafe, boulon coffee, pink places in la, barbie popup, barbie the movie, pink cafe, pink restaurant, pink places, instagramable la, instagramable places

The W. Washington Blvd location is the largest and most Instagramable of the 3 locations (the Century City location is almost like a little popup with cute mural wall (pictured below). And the Beverly Hills one is the newest and mid-sized of all 3. I need to go back to try their beautiful avocado toast topped with flowers!!  But if you also agree that your coffee tastes better pink and when served in an aesthetic location, you’ll need to add this cute cafe to your bucketlist!

boulon cafe, boulon d amour, boulon coffee, pink places in la, barbie popup, barbie the movie, pink cafe, pink restaurant, pink places, instagramable la, instagramable places

9).  Loveshack Fancy 📍 8473 Melrose Place LA

loveshack fancy la, loveshack fancy melrose place, pink places in la, barbie popup, barbie the movie, pink cafe, pink restaurant, pink places, instagramable la, instagramable places
Photo credit Loveshackfancy.com

If pink feminine decor and dresses are your vibe, a visit to this Loveshack Fancy boutique is a must. Even if you find you can’t afford the fashions, it’s worth a visit just to get inspiration and take a photo outside their floral facade.

10).  Pink Palace📍Central LA, WEHO area (address confirmed upon booking)


barbie the movie, la pink places, pink places, pink venue, the pink palace, barbie style

photo credit peerspace.com

Noted as one of the 10 Most Amazing Homes in the World on NETFLIX’s “Amazing Interiors,”  this rentable, 534 sq. ft venue is perfect for your next pink photo shoot.  Running at $150/hour (2 hr. minimum and video is extra), you have various rooms to shoot from which will guarantee some super girly content.  Who else is dying to shoot here one day??

Ok Barbie girls, so how did you like this list?  Is there anything else you’d add?  What’s your favorite spot out of all these and did you find anything you’ll now have to add to your LA bucketlist?  Tell me in the comments below! And make sure to follow along our daily adventures through Instagram stories @stylishlystella.  Tonight, I’ll be taking you to the Barbie movie preview screening and you can help me choose what to wear!!  See you there!


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