10 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Quarantining

Staying at home is the one thing we can all do to keep one another safe and flatten the curve.  It’s so important to oblige.  While we stay at home for days on end though, I think we are all finding that we may need things that we didn’t consider before.  Whether you are working from home or not, here are 10 things you didn’t know you needed until quarantining during the corona virus!

  1. Noise canceling wireless earphones.  Spending 24/7 with others means that there will inevitably be times when you want to shut them out.  It’s especially true in big cities like Manhattan where space is a premium and an entire family may be shuttered in a claustrophobic apartment with no patio, no balcony, and nowhere to hide and simply get some silence.  Whether you’re working and need concentrate or whether you just want to tune out your kids, these noise canceling wireless headphones are just as good as the more expensive Bose ones and will also double as your child’s zoom class earphones!  Win Win!  We have these and love traveling with them too.
    ipad, best amazon buysHighly recommend! Super comfortable even for a kid to wear, 40 Hours of play time, and 90% noise reduction while you listen to what you need to focus on.  With over 3000 reviews and still a 4.5 star Amazon rating, you know you can’t go wrong.  For the entire zoom set up that my daughter is modeling here, click the below Amazon pics for her super-sized ipad, and indestructible ipad cover.<
  2. Laptop desk.  Work from home?  Some of you may not have an official office, and some of you may just prefer to type from bed.  You’ll need a laptop desk to reduce neck strain, prevent your laptop from overheating and type in an ergonomic fashion.  Plus you can use them for breakfast in bed!  You just have to get someone to cook you breakfast in bed.  BONUS – your kids will love them for homework use and coloring from their beds.  Here are some options that I recommend.
  3. Airpods.  Having hanging wires dangling from your ears is so 2019.  With all the work you’re doing from home, and with all the podcasts, and audio books that I know you’re listening to while locked at home, it’s time to treat yourself to an upgrade.  They’re on sale now for $139.  Click the pic here.
  4. Google nest wifi.  Slowwww internet bringing you down?  Don’t waste another minute.  The last thing you need is to waste time on something so simple yet annoyingly frustrating.  Make everyone’s life easier at home with Google nest wifi which provides top speeds, range and doubles as a google assistant!!  Don’t we all need an assistant right now?</li>
  5. Wireless printer scanner all in one.  Everything from work documents and contracts to school assignments and coloring sheets are needing printing at home not to mention all the things needing to be scanned and emailed back.  Your old printer isn’t cutting it anymore.  Don’t stress, now there are amazing wireless options that have everything you need plus a copier too.  Mom tip, copy your kid’s favorite coloring pages before starting them!
  6. Wine of the month.  It’s wine o’clock somewhere and under these quarantine conditions, it’s officially OK for you to drink at ANY hour.  There I said it.  Now go for it and sign up for this wine of the month club cuz it’s an amazing deal and such a fun way to try out new wines!  Mother’s day is coming up. Forget the flowers.  Send this instead.  You can bet she needs it more.  Try this one.  You’ll save 62% and it was voted the best wine subscription club by wineclubservices.comwine club
  7. Blue light glasses.  I have 20/20 vision so have never had to wear glasses but I’m looking smarter these days because I just invested in a pair – blue light glasses that is.
    blue light glassesLet’s face it, under lockdown, we’ve all increased our screen time whether it be on our smartphones, ipads or computers.  You wouldn’t believe how many hours I’ve logged in on TikTok…er I mean on work emails.  My eyes started to hurt at the end of the day and I was experiencing mild headaches!  I didn’t know why until I started reading up on the effects of all this screen time.  This set that we have is just around $20 for 2 pairs.  Share it with someone you love or simply enjoy having a couple styles to switch out between.  And then go back to logging in unlimited hours in front of your phone cuz well, it’s a lockdown.. F the rules.  Click pics below for the ladies, kids, and men’s Amazon options.  I know your whole family is in front of the screens.
  8. hair clippers & scissors. Before we all start looking like cousin It, we better order some hair cutting tools because we are all going to have to learn to cut that hair.  I’ve learned from cutting my daughter’s hair all her life that the right scissors make all the difference.  Don’t even attempt to do it with your average paper-cutting pair.  You will just waste time, and be unable to get a crisp cut.  Click the pic below to check out these best selling scissors with almost 5,600 4.5 star reviews.  I’m also investing in this highly rated hair cordless clipper set for men and can’t wait to try out crazy hairstyles on my unwitting, desperate husband.  If he keeps annoying me during this lockdown, I may get him back by giving him a surprise mohawk or mullet…
  9. Coffee machine and milk frother.  We all need to limit our trips outdoors.  So even if your local Starbucks is serving up mobile orders or drive – throughs, it’s time to invest in a coffee maker, milk frother and the works or upgrade what you already have! Coffee WILL fuel you through this quarantine and it’s the morning routine you know you can’t live without. So think about adding on to your current coffee situation and DIY your favorite concoction at home.  I’ve listed below our white Keurig which perfectly matches our modern decor and milk frother you need to elevate your caffeine as well as another more affordable, best-seller with 2 serving options!
  10. Workout buys.  If you don’t want to gain the covid 19 (pounds), you’ll need to exercise at home.  Sad but true.  If you haven’t already, invest in your health and motivate yourself with a cute new workout outfit that can double as at-home athleisure.  Fashion always motivates me.  You’ll be looking cute, comfy and fit in no time. Ok maybe not necessarily fit (I know you’re all snacking) but you’ll definitely look cute and comfy. And that’s something!!  Below is Amazon’s editorial team’s top pick for best home gym, best bang for your buck, and Lulu Lemon dupe leggings so good that CNN wrote an article about them! Click on pics for the Amazon buys.

There you go!  Now treat yourself.  Life has been hard.  And you deserve this.  Add to cart and thank me later.


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Rainbow Connections During Corona Virus

rainbow corona virus, dr seuss, oh the places you'll go, corona virus memes

We’re living in a stressful time filled with long days, negative news, lockdown lifestyles and an uncertain future.  It is now more than ever that we need to band together, ‘cuz we are all in this together.  And it is during this storm that we need hope.  We need resilience.  And we need to spark our own joy.  So it is with all this in mind that I initiated a rainbow challenge the third week of March, hoping it would encourage everyone to maintain morale and spark some creativity during this difficult time. Anyone else need a rainbow post-corona virus?

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine

We asked all our followers to contribute throughout the day rainbow-themed: crafts, music, fashion, desserts, food, and fun activities with their kids.  We shared some inspirational photos through Instagram, tagged friends who we knew would be excited about the theme, and even partnered with a local business to help spread the word and award a prize.  The Craft Studio, a mom-owned, Tribeca (downtown NY) business that we adore, gave away a rainbow-themed zoom class to one lucky follower who sent us in their rainbow themed activity with our tag #lockdownstellastyle. And we both featured some of our favorite entrants through our IG stories.

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine, rainbow party

The hashtag was created out of my penchant for parties, themed playdates, and celebrating the everyday.  I firmly believe in the importance of staying positive even during crisis.  And what I want for my daughter during this quarantine is not to look back remembering stress, anxiety, and unlimited iPad time.  I want her to remember lots of fun new memories with her family.  So it is during lockdown that I have continued to create fun themed days where we dress up, bake, cook, craft, game and homeschool with that theme in mind.

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantineIt puts a unique spin to the normal categories we will be repeating on the daily.  And it gives us both something to look forward to, plan for, and anticipate.  Half the fun is in the anticipation and planning, isn’t it?

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine

We were so thrilled to see how everyone interpreted the theme!

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantineThroughout the day we saw lots of rainbow fashions, some rainbow manicures, lots of painted and crafted rainbows, and even a rainbow cake!

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantineEach colorful creation brightened our day and we hope they brightened someone else’s day too!

rainbow corona virus, rainbow lockdown, rainbow art, rainbow crafts, rainbow theme, corona virus rainbow hopeAnd at 2pm the community came together online through an IG LIVE where we kicked off our virtual party with a little dancing (to a rainbow song of course).  And from there, Juliet led a couple kid-friendly magic tricks! Through Ig live, we encouraged our followers to join along and try the magic tricks with us.

For “magic dipping dots,” we poured milk into a tray then speckled with dots of food coloring.  Then we dipped a Q-tip in dishwashing soap before dunking it into the colorful circles.  Voila! all the food coloring magically spread apart and sort of ran away from the q-tip causing beautiful swirls, artful patterns and joyous reactions amongst all!

rainbow corona virus, rainbow lockdown, rainbow art, rainbow crafts, rainbow theme, corona virus rainbow hopeFor “grow your rainbow,” we shared on LIVE how a markered row of colors could grow up a paper towel when dipped ever so slightly into a pool of water.

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantineBoth were simple tricks, quick and easy to do.  Juliet made me proud as I watched her transform into an Instagram teacher and adorable leader. Her reactions and comments were priceless!  She kept wondering out loud (it was her 1st-ever IG live) where all the people were and how I was able to know what their reactions were when they weren’t in our living room.  (I was reading their comments online as I was taping her haha)

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine

It was so cute and so fun.  And we were so happy to learn how kids all over the world were sharing their rainbows through their windows.  It had become sort of a game to walk the neighborhood streets spotting rainbows.  And all of a sudden, we were all joyfully taking part in this rainbow connection.

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine, the craft studio, rainbow craft ideas

Thank you to all who participated in our IG LIVE magic show, our rainbow challenge, and for so eagerly anticipating our next mommy and me themed activity.   We hope that you will join us live @stylishlystella every Sat at 2pm.  Below is our tentative schedule and list of upcoming themed activities!!

rainbow corona virus, rainbow art, kids' rainbow art, rainbow message, rainbow quarantine

If you have any other themes that you’d like to suggest, we’d love to hear them! Please leave a comment below.

Take care everyone.  We hope you find a reason to smile everyday!

The StylishlyStella sessions are every Saturday at 2pm EST!

  • March 28th 2pm THEME – Easter crafts with toilet paper rolls
  • April 4th 2pm THEME – Rapunzel quarantined in her tower
  • April 11th 2pm THEME – Mommy makeover (Juliet styles my outfit and does a makeup tutorial)
  • April 18th 2pm THEME – Elsa in her kingdom of isolation (aren’t we all Elsa right now)?

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