Mom’s Night Out with MomTrends


Every mom needs a mom’s night out.  Because if adulting is hard, mom-ing is even harder.  We all need a break now and then.  Who else is with me on this??  So when I heard that MomTrends and Parents Magazine were hosting another mom’s night out (see last year’s recap here), I jumped at the opportunity to mingle and mix with my favorite NYC mom bloggers.

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Parents Magazine the mom’s magazine that we’ve all grown to love and trust prepared for us, must-have mom juice (aka wine), delectable finger foods and the most Instagram-able make-your-own treats bar!

food, event, nyc moms, nyc parents, nyc food, parents magazineI went straight to this dessert station and couldn’t wait to get started on my own funny-faced food!  I love making fun art and treats with Juliet so I made sure to learn all the tips and tricks so I could share with all of you!  With these tips, there are endless ways you can get creative at home too!

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  • TIP1  use peanut butter to stick candy eyes onto your food 
  • TIP2 use edible markers to create fun faces
  • TIP 3 use honey to rim your glasses before dipping them into candy sprinkles


Another fun installation was the customizable perfume area.  We sniffed our way through the scent station, chose our base fragrances and built our own, customized fragrance!  Juliet is going to be so jealous when she learns about this!  She would love doing this one day.  I love vanilla and fruity scents and this was just such fun getting to do this with one another.

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Clorox was on-site helping to clean up and disinfect all our craft messes.  We made our own snow globes with adorable Christmas trinkets (hot glued to a lid), and added sprinkles, glycerin and water for our very own shakable holiday scene.  I love crafting so I got really into this.

craft, arts and crafts, clorox wipes, clorox disinfecting wipes, momtrendsIt’s great to know that with all of life’s messes, us moms can effectively and quickly clean up.  Knowing that germs, bacteria, dirt and grime are one swipe away with these Clorox disinfecting wipes assures my neat freak side. I feel like every household needs to stock up on Clorox products!  Whether it’s cleaning up goo-ey craft spills, wiping away a kitchen counter or spot-cleaning bathroom messes, you can rest assured that 99.9% of the germs and bacteria will be removed.  I don’t know about you but I am way more productive and creative in a clean space.  And I encourage tidying and cleaning up with Juliet to instill these values and habits early on. 

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Baby Dove is a brand that moms love and trust even for their babies’ sensitive skin.  Their prebiotic moisture helps protect babies’ natural protective layer of microbiome.  And it nourishes as it protects with 100% skin-natural ingredients.  We got to customize these cute shower/organizer bins and fill them at the event.  And after a little wine, we all wanted to pop out of their Instagramable photo station.

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Thank you MomTrends and Parents Magazine for having me!  It was a fun and memorable way to enjoy a mom’s night out!

This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.


Letting You In On A Secret – P.volve


fit mom, pvolve, nyc workout, exerciseWanna have a Victoria Secret body but don’t know what their secret is? Well now I know and I’m about to share all the details here!  I’m thrilled that I got to try out this new workout, P.Volve because it is the workout those famous supermodels swear by!  It builds strength not bulk, and promises gain, not pain. Sound good?


They call their focus, “functional movement.”  And they contrast it with the high-impact, sweat-filled, grueling workouts that I personally despise.   Using the basics of neuromuscular science, they help you master precise movements and activate muscles in a meaningful way.  Less time, less energy and more effective results!

fit mom, fitness, nyc workout, workoutSo if beautiful definition and tone are your goals, this program may help you push past your plateaus!  Here is a summary from their website that describes their movement:

  • Elimination of bulk, creating beautiful shape and definition
  • Specifics include more defined thighs, a higher butt, a stronger core
  • Works with any body shape, any fitness level
  • Low-impact anti-pulse training is easy on your joints
  • Activation of hard-to-reach muscles
  • A stronger body that helps you get more out of everyday life
  • A noticeable boost to your overall health, wellbeing, and confidence
  • Access to P.volve’s proprietary fitness products to optimize workouts
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And yes, in class, they provide you with all the cool-looking, pulleys and weights.  They’re available for purchase too for your in-home workouts (see discounts info. below).


I especially enjoyed the funny-looking ball contraption that you had to wear in between your legs. It reminded me of the weight I felt in my pelvic area walking around as a pregnant woman back in the day.  And it made for a humorous bonding moment with the other moms in class! Fun! Fun!

p.volveP.Volve OFFERS FOR YOU!
  • 3-class pack code: enter ‘LAUNCH’ at checkout on MindBody (expires 12/31)
  • 15-day free trial CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8
  • 15% off of 1st product purchase CODE: PVOLVEMOM EXP: 11/8

All photos from Lauren Kara Photography

Want to learn about another NYC fitness program, specially geared towards moms?  Click here to read about Revolution Motherhood!


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