Times Square With Kids 13 of the Best Things To Do This Holiday Season


times square with kids, times square, what to do in times square with kids, what to do in nyc with kids, manhattan kidsHappy Friday the 13th!!  I thought I’d share the top 13 activities to do with kids in Times Square timed with this occasion.  Now that the temps are dipping, parents are looking for indoor spots to entertain their kids.  And with the influx of tourists coming into the city for the Rockefeller tree and all the NY holiday lights and windows, I thought this handy list would be extra helpful.  Unlike years past when Times Square was a shady, unsafe, spot, nowadays it is so family-friendly some have even called the transformation the Disneyfication of Times Square.  And it’s time you check it out with your family!  Read on to see how you can win tickets to one of our favorite shows!!

  1. After you take your requisite Times Square pics (TKTS stadium style seating, towering, lit up buildings, pics with famous characters like Mickey and Elmo), you’ll want to be a part of the famous New Year’s ball celebration by adding your personal wish for the new year to the NYE Wishing Wall this month! nye confetti, times square nye, times square new year's eve, new year's wish Dec 3-29th (TSq Plaza 45-46  Bdwy btwn 45th-46th Sts)  It’ll only take a few minutes and it’ll be so fun to know that your wish will turn into confetti on New Year’s Eve and rain down on the hundreds of Times Square revelers! Afterwards, choose from this kid-centric list of shopping, treats, and entertainment!
  2. Slava’s Snow Show  (124 West 43rd St.)  Wow! This show is full of surprises!  From clowns who go from making you giggle while on stage to walking all over the audience seats and spraying unsuspecting audience members with water, to a snow blizzard gone wild and a bouncy ball party you’ll never forget, this show was fun for all ages.  I also enjoyed the quieter moments with beautiful music.  It’s rare when something can make me forget I’m in the chaos of Times Square and give me a meditative moment! broadway shows for kids, times square for kids, what to do with kids in nyc, what to do with kids in times squareOne lucky reader who comments below (and follows me @stylishlystella on Instagram) will win 4 tickets this Tuesday!! So easy to enter!
  3. Pip’s Island (400 W. 42nd St.) Let your little explorers don safari vests and travel through a theatrical adventure that they will surely love!  This production is Disney quality and so impressive even to adults.  If you don’t think your child will sit through a Broadway show, bring them here instead and they’ll be able to explore, find hidden objects, and become a real-life hero through it all. times square with kids, what to do in times square with kids, family friendly times square, times square
  4. Gulliver’s Travels (216 West 44th Street)Take your mini-me on a trip around the world and feel like a giant in this miniaturized exhibit!  Featuring all the major landmarks and 300 scenes worldwide, you won’t believe all the amazing detail. This is perfect for the travel enthusiast or anyone interested in miniature figurines.times square with kids, things to do in nyc with kids, things to do in times square with kids, times square with kids, gulliver's gate, miniature figurines
  5. Madame Tussauds (234 W 42nd St.) If anyone in your family is a celebrity buff or a superfan of one of the celebs featured here, this is a must-see and a quirky stop along the way through your Times Square adventure.
  6. National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey ( 226 West 44th St.)  Head underwater into a 60,000-square-foot digital tank!  Your kids will love virtually interacting with sharks while learning all about undersea life in this incredibly modern, unforgettable exhibit.  Read my full review here! times square with kids, national geographic, times square, things to do in times square with kids
  7. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not (234 W 42nd St.) My daughter loves learning about and looking at the bizarre (just like me)! And I can’t wait to take her to this place because it is chock-full of the most extreme cases.  She will love learning all the facts, standing next to the world’s tallest man, seeing videos of people doing impossible feats and will be in utter amazement, I know because I went once and was completely fascinated by all the little details I learned!
  8. Bowlmor (222 W. 44th St.) Bowlmor is the most family friendly of all the nearby bowling alleys in the area and I also recommend it for its fun decor.  Its beyond your average bowling alley!!
  9. Game out at Dave & Buster’s – (234 W 42nd St.)  Have a gamer in the family?  Take them back in time and teach them the joys of 80s arcade games like Pac Man and Frogger! Then test your skeeball skills and try out all the latest in gaming technology!  Things have come a long way! Check their website to make sure they don’t have a private event though as holidays are often booked out.
  10. Stop into the Sugar Factory (700 8th between 44th and 45th st.) If your sugar craving is strong and or you want that Instagram-able dessert, stop here  And you’ll see and taste what all the celebrities have been talking about.  Note – seating is limited but you can always sit indoors at the attached hotel lobby to finish off that double-decker dessert! ice cream sundae, best desserts in nyc, instagramable desserts, sugar factory ice cream
  11. Grab a treat at M&M’s World, (48th Street and Broadway)  Ever been to a candy store that opens til midnight?  For those that are jet lagged with kids and wondering what to do at strange hours…here’s an option that will delight the chocoholic and kid of any age.  Stop in for a quick pic with the green M&M statue of liberty and create customized M&Ms with your face, name or message.  Now isn’t THAT a fun souvenir?!
  12. Shop Line Friends (1515 Broadway) is the cutest lineup of characters from Asia and you and the kids will fall in love with this store.  Similar to Sanrio’s brand, everything is made to be extremely CUTE.  Browse around and enjoy the many photo opps…you’ll leave a fan, trust me!kawaii, teddy bear, times sq, line friends nycuare, times square with kids, what to do in times square with kids, best family activities in ny, where to shop in nyc for kids
  13. Stop at the Disney store (1540 Broadway at 45th st.) Who doesn’t love Disney?  Check out all the interactive elements like the magic mirrors and catch a free screening while there.  Disney Store

What’s your favorite idea?  I’d love to hear you share your thoughts on any of these shopping, dessert or entertainment options in Times Square! Leave a comment below and enter to win a family 4-pack of tickets to see the Slava Snow Show -make sure to follow @stylishlystella on Instagram to qualify!

And for my review on TopView bus tour, (which has a Times Square route, click here!)

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Would you like for me to do a similar list for Rockefeller Center area next??

Mom’s Night Out with MomTrends


Every mom needs a mom’s night out.  Because if adulting is hard, mom-ing is even harder.  We all need a break now and then.  Who else is with me on this??  So when I heard that MomTrends and Parents Magazine were hosting another mom’s night out (see last year’s recap here), I jumped at the opportunity to mingle and mix with my favorite NYC mom bloggers.

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Parents Magazine the mom’s magazine that we’ve all grown to love and trust prepared for us, must-have mom juice (aka wine), delectable finger foods and the most Instagram-able make-your-own treats bar!

food, event, nyc moms, nyc parents, nyc food, parents magazineI went straight to this dessert station and couldn’t wait to get started on my own funny-faced food!  I love making fun art and treats with Juliet so I made sure to learn all the tips and tricks so I could share with all of you!  With these tips, there are endless ways you can get creative at home too!

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  • TIP1  use peanut butter to stick candy eyes onto your food 
  • TIP2 use edible markers to create fun faces
  • TIP 3 use honey to rim your glasses before dipping them into candy sprinkles


Another fun installation was the customizable perfume area.  We sniffed our way through the scent station, chose our base fragrances and built our own, customized fragrance!  Juliet is going to be so jealous when she learns about this!  She would love doing this one day.  I love vanilla and fruity scents and this was just such fun getting to do this with one another.

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Clorox was on-site helping to clean up and disinfect all our craft messes.  We made our own snow globes with adorable Christmas trinkets (hot glued to a lid), and added sprinkles, glycerin and water for our very own shakable holiday scene.  I love crafting so I got really into this.

craft, arts and crafts, clorox wipes, clorox disinfecting wipes, momtrendsIt’s great to know that with all of life’s messes, us moms can effectively and quickly clean up.  Knowing that germs, bacteria, dirt and grime are one swipe away with these Clorox disinfecting wipes assures my neat freak side. I feel like every household needs to stock up on Clorox products!  Whether it’s cleaning up goo-ey craft spills, wiping away a kitchen counter or spot-cleaning bathroom messes, you can rest assured that 99.9% of the germs and bacteria will be removed.  I don’t know about you but I am way more productive and creative in a clean space.  And I encourage tidying and cleaning up with Juliet to instill these values and habits early on. 

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Baby Dove is a brand that moms love and trust even for their babies’ sensitive skin.  Their prebiotic moisture helps protect babies’ natural protective layer of microbiome.  And it nourishes as it protects with 100% skin-natural ingredients.  We got to customize these cute shower/organizer bins and fill them at the event.  And after a little wine, we all wanted to pop out of their Instagramable photo station.

moms night out, parents mag, momtrends

Thank you MomTrends and Parents Magazine for having me!  It was a fun and memorable way to enjoy a mom’s night out!

This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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