Baby Magic Announces Brand News with Breakfast, Bunnies and Blooms in NYC

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As a mom, you lean on brands that your you, yourself, and your mom have known and trusted when choosing products for your baby.  And Baby Magic is one of those brands that has been a mainstay in so many families from generation to generation.  That classic pink bottle and uniquely soothing scent brings nostalgia to so many including myself.  So when I was invited to a special blogger event hosted by Baby Magic, I was happy to attend and learn more about their latest offerings.

                                                                                                                 nyc bloggers, nyc blogger moms, mom bloggers, nyc mom bloggers, momtrends event  Here are my 3 takeaways about Baby Magic’s brand expansion and its biggest evolution in 65 years:
  1.  Baby Magic is embracing the ever-growing parental consciousness about the ingredients in baby products.  In response to parents’ needs and desires, they’ve reformulated their products to exclude sulfates, mineral oils, dyes, parabens, phthalates, talc, and lanolin.  Parents will love their gentle, safe, skin-loving ingredients while still being able to rely on the same quality and care that Baby Magic has always been known for.  baby magic event, baby magic press, baby magic pr, nyc bloggers, baby magic review
  2. The enhanced formulation now comes in 3 popular scents!  There’s original baby, sweet buttercup and lavender lullaby.  I know so many parents who love the original baby lotion scent so much that they regularly use it on themselves, not just their kids.  Would you?  To celebrate the launch of the new scents, Baby Magic’s event had us use lavender while learning to arrange our own floral bouquets! Lavender as you may know helps lull little ones to sleep and what parent couldn’t use a little help with the bedtime routine??
  3. There’s a new look and feel featuring a new brand mascot and a new brand ambassador!  I was expecting to see lots of pink at this event remembering their classic pink bottle but their new bottles are white as you can see (which I love even more) and the new lineup features an adorable bunny!  So at their event, we all got to cuddle some real live bunnies while catching up with one another over breakfast.                       baby magic lotion, momtrends event, nyc bloggers, nyc blogger moms, blogger event Also newly associated with the brand is Carolynne Harvey, sleep expert and author of Dream Baby Nights.  Carolynne will be working with the brand to share her advice on providing quality sleep, care and comfort for babies.  She is available for media activations and parenting expos featuring Baby Magic and I couldn’t help but ask her for tips and tricks on sleep training my HUSBAND haha.  Because sometimes it’s not the little babies but the bigger babies that give us the most challenges with regards to bedtime routines, and differing views on sleep needs.  The struggle is real.   Can anyone relate with me on this one??                                                                                                                                             dream baby nights, sleep expert, baby magic event, baby magic, baby magic pr, baby magic lotion, mom blogger, nyc mom bloggers

All in all, it was a wonderful event!  I learned so much about all that Baby Magic has to offer.  If you want to learn more about the brand and its new product click through their website here!  And if you want to see more from this event, click DowntownChicMom’s event recap here!

Thanks to MomTrends for hosting and organizing the event!  View more of the other MomTrends blogger events that I’ve attended here!

As always, though this is a sponsored post, I only support brands I believe in.


Pip’s Island, An Immersive Theatrical Times Square Show Perfect For You And Your Family


New York City has so many fun, family-friendly things to offer.  Whether it be, crazy cool pop-ups, Broadway shows, bus tours, Instagramable stores, or girly pink restaurants, NY has it all.  One of the most unique experiences we tried a couple years ago, was called Pip’s Island, an immersive theater experience which has returned for a permanent stay in Times Square!  And we were so excited to be invited back to preview the all-new performance!

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What is it?

It’s part theater, part interactive performance, part puppet show, part digital wonderland.  The kids are asked to help save Pip’s Island from darkness and evil and instead of passively sitting and watching a story unfold, they are asked to don an explorer’s jacket and follow along step-by-step, room-by-room.  Immediately engaging, it sparks curiosity and creativity.  And I loved how it provided a surprising escape from our everyday world.

What Can You And Kids Expect?

You’re led by humorous actors who lead you on a somewhat mysterious journey.  You’ll meet Pip, Pebble and Finn (the good guys) as well as the villain, Joules Volter and his army of moles who are determined to take over Pip’s Island.  You’ll learn signature moves and chants to ward off evil, collect achievement badges called “sparks” all the while practicing teamwork and STEAM curriculum elements. By you, I mean the kids..the parents are allowed to rest on benches and seats throughout and simply let the kiddie explorers be the day’s hero.  (Though you’re more than welcome to participate..I gave them bonus points for letting the parents rest and watch!)  Pictures were not allowed on this journey so you’ll have to use your imagination and go check it out yourselves!

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The interactive and immensely entertaining journey is about an hour-long and each room and pathway is filled with dazzling, detailed 3D design, digital surprises and Disney-worthy sets.  It was like jumping into a storybook or video game and I highly recommend it for kids aged 4-10.

You can buy tickets in advance (for a $10 discount) at  There are discounts available for schools and groups, as well as birthday party packages (what a creative way to celebrate a birthday, huh?)  And accompanying adults need their own ticket.  Note – they close Tuesdays.  But you as my followers and readers can get 10% off by clicking here and using code Pip10

While in Times Square, you’ll also want to check out, Ocean Odyssey, a digital, underwater wonderland or Gulliver’s Gate.where you get to travel the world through incredible, miniaturized scenes.  Click through those prior posts for more info on what to do in Times Square with kids!


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