Art: Bella Pilar’s Fab Stationary

I received this note today and learned that I now have fashionista stationary named after me.

“Hey, you are going to love this! I told my friend Bella about you when she told me she had completed this box set of multi-ethnic girls. I even sent her a picture of us. She said that she will now name her Asian girls after you ! So go pick up this box at Papyrus, cause our cards are there!

So happy to welcome you into the wonderful world of Bella fashionistas!!!!!


Here’s the rest of the I (heart) NY collection.  Cute huh?

I’m a huge fan of Bella Pilar’s fashionable artwork and illustrations.  If you like what you see here, you can purchase stationary at Papyrus and/or view more of her work at her website

Art: Fashionable Art by Etsy Designers is such a great forum for new artists to post their work and gain recognition on an international level.  The following fashionable pieces caught my attention recently.

this 9”x9” print by a fellow Chanel lover, “ipaintpictures” (who is also found at is only $25

This Parisian scene painted in oil by “Shannispishak” is 10”x20” and sells for $175

This 8”x10” print by “christahoward” makes me miss my dog and is reasonably priced at only $19.

This gorgeous portrait is called “My girl wears Chanel” and is by “DannyRoberts.”  The 8’x11” print is only $25

This cute 5”x7” print by “poppopportraits” is wearing Chanel too.   And it’s easy to add to your art collection for only $9!

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