Fab Cam: Harajuku Fashions

I’ve been neglecting the blog due to a recent vacation, move and preparation for a new job.  But I do have some amazing photos to share from my trip to Japan where the harajuku fashions were as fascinating and eye-popping as I had hoped.  It was crazy.  You walk down this one area of Tokyo and all of a sudden, you’d swear it was Halloween – only it isn’t.  It’s simply a bunch of Japanese teens rebelling from their routine school uniforms and prancing about in the most outlandish fashions.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I could not get enough.  Check this out.

And if you think the above was wild, check out the two guys I spotted.

Frilly Skirt, Frilly Seat

Aren’t these images beautiful? This unique photography perspective (by Daryl Banks) almost transforms the dancers into flowers or art pieces.

They sort of remind me of these poofy chairs.

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